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In 2017, Metro Vancouver consulted on the introduction of a generator levy for garbage from residential and commercial/institutional sources, coupled with a hauler licensing program. These initiatives will help ensure public solid waste facilities and solid waste planning are funded in an equitable manner, while reducing waste and boosting recycling in apartments, condos, and commercial/institutional buildings.

On November 24, 2017, the GVS&DD Board approved changes to the 2018 Tipping Fee Bylaw to implement the Generator Levy effective January 1, 2018. The Board also approved proceeding with Commercial Waste Hauler Licensing. The Commercial Waste Hauler Licensing Bylaw requires approval of the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.​

Details are included in the links below, including Board reports, a Consultation Program report, and letter requesting approval from the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy for Commercial Waste Hauler Licensing.

Generator Levy

The Generator Levy became effective January 1, 2018. The Generator Levy ensures that all waste generators in the region contribute to the fixed costs of the region’s network of solid waste facilities and solid waste planning. Click here for details.

View the Bylaw implementing the Generator Levy.

Commercial Waste Hauler Licensing

Metro Vancouver's Board has approved licensing commercial waste haulers to ensure recycling systems are in place wherever garbage is collected in the region, and to support the collection of the Generator Levy. The region's average recycling rate is one of North America's highest at 63%; multi-family residences and commercial/institutional buildings rates lag other sectors at 29% and 42% respectively.

The proposed Commercial Waste Hauler License would apply to commercial haulers who collect over 10 tonnes (about one full garbage truck) of garbage per month using mechanically unloaded trucks – less than 50 companies currently collect this amount. The proposed license fee is $100 per year per hauling company. Those collecting only recyclable material or construction and demolition waste would not require licenses.

On November 24, 2017, the GVS&DD Board approved the Bylaw implementing commercial waste hauler licensing. The bylaw requires approval of the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

Reports and Documents

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