What We Do

We are responsible for disposing of the waste generated by residents and businesses within our region. Planning for less waste, improving reuse and recycling systems as well as managing the remaining waste reflects the public’s expectations of high environmental stewardship, as well as the desire to keep waste management affordable.

We Work On

Sustainable Waste Management

Our solid waste management plan focusses on reducing the waste generated within our region, improving reuse and recycling options, recovering maximum resources from remaining garbage and disposing of residuals locally.

Regional Solid Waste Facilities

Metro Vancouver operates recycling and waste centres where residents and businesses drop off garbage, yard trimmings and a variety of other recyclable materials. Garbage remaining after recycling is managed at the Metro Vancouver Waste-to-Energy Facility and the Vancouver Landfill. Garbage in excess of what can be managed at local facilities is shipped to remote landfills for disposal. Within the region there are also private solid waste facilities which handle demolition, land clearing and construction debris.

Education and Outreach

Some of the waste we manage doesn’t have to be there. Wise purchasing, repair and reuse of goods, better access to recycling all mean less waste going to disposal. We work with member municipalities and businesses to develop educational materials and campaigns that encourage a change in our approach to generating waste.

Waste Reduction - Local and National

Our plan also includes a 10% per capita reduction in the amount of waste we generate by 2020 (compared with 2010 levels). This means advocating for better product and packaging design as well as more selective purchasing by consumers and businesses. To bring about those changes we’re engaging partners from across Canada through the National Zero Waste Council.

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