Long Range Growth Scenarios

Long-Range Growth and Transportation Scenarios

In collaboration with its member jurisdictions, Metro Vancouver prepares population, housing and employment projections to guide regional and local planning. Metro Vancouver uses these projections to inform the implementation of Metro 2040 and the review of Regional Context Statements, and to support regional utility demand planning and TransLink's regional transportation modelling.

In 2018-2019, Metro Vancouver partnered with TransLink in the development of shared regional long-range growth and transportation scenarios to inform the development of Metro 2050 and Transport 2050.

The project examined a range of external forces that will likely affect the future of our region, impacting where and how we live, work and move.  Four possible future scenarios were developed to explore how climate change, shifts in the global economy and trade, and new technologies and automation may impact population growth, the regional economy and nature of work, and how and where we live.

The Four Scenarios

The Four Scenarios

The scenarios provide a valuable foundation to identify a wider range of challenges and opportunities to improve growth and transportation planning in Metro Vancouver. The scenarios will be used to consider the resilience of existing and new policies and investments through the development of Metro 2050 and Transport 2050.

You can read more in the final summary report here.