Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future: Consideration of a Review

The five-year anniversary of the Metro Vancouver Regional District Board's adoption of Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future (Metro 2040), the regional growth strategy, was July 29, 2016. Metro 2040 sets out the collaborative vision for how our region will accommodate and shape anticipated long-term growth in a way that advances livability, protects important industrial, agricultural, and conservation lands, supports a diverse economy and supports the efficient and affordable provision of infrastructure such as transit and utilities.

The Local Government Act requires that at least every 5 years, a regional district that has an adopted regional growth strategy, consider whether that strategy needs to be reviewed for possible amendment.  Metro Vancouver undertook this consideration throughout 2016, and as part of this process, affected local governments were given an opportunity to comment on whether a review was necessary, and if so, what the desired scope of that review / amendment might include.  Of the 21 signatory members to Metro 2040, Metro Vancouver received correspondence from seven Councils affirming that there is no need for a comprehensive review of Metro 2040 at this time. In addition, staff from three additional municipalities communicated that Councils had received the correspondence regarding the need to consider a review, and had taken no action. Metro Vancouver also received correspondence from 11 other agencies or groups regarding the need for a review, and as a result, some policy areas and improvements were suggested for possible inclusion in Metro 2040.

On March 31, 2017 The MVRD Board passed the following resolutions:

  1. Confirm that amendments to the regional growth strategy will continue to be considered on an ongoing and as‚Äźneeded basis;
  2. Notify the Minister of Community of Sport and Cultural Development that a review of the regional growth strategy for amendment as per section 452(2) of the Local Government Act is not required at this time; and
  3. Direct staff to continue to actively engage with member local governments, health authorities and other interested parties regarding regional growth strategy implementation and potential policy improvements.

Therefore, consideration of the need for a review of Metro 2040 as required by the Local Government Act, has concluded, and no additional amendments to the regional growth strategy are being proposed at this time.