Regional Growth Strategy – Five-Year Review
​The five year anniversary of the GVRD Board's adoption of Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future (Metro 2040), the regional growth strategy, was this past summer (July 29, 2016). Metro 2040 set out the collaborative vision for how our region will accommodate and shape anticipated long-term growth in a way that advances livability, protects important industrial, agricultural, and conservation lands, supports a diverse economy and supports the efficient and affordable provision of infrastructure such as transit and utilities.

The Local Government Act requires that "at least every 5 years, a regional district that has an adopted regional growth strategy must consider whether the regional growth strategy must be reviewed for possible amendment". As part of this process, affected local governments are given an opportunity to comment on whether a review is necessary, and if so, what a desired scope of that review might include. In August and September 2016, Metro Vancouver sent notification letters to affected local governments, municipalities, school districts, First Nations, and other agencies and organizations. Metro Vancouver requested comments by October 26, 2016. Responses have been received from a number of municipalities, both via Council resolution and staff comment, and from other organizations.

One of the requirements in considering a review of Metro 2040 is to hold a Regional Planning Committee meeting that is open to the public where consideration of the review is being discussed. As the November 2016, Regional Planning Committee meeting was cancelled, this requirement will now be met early in 2017 (Note: The date will be posted once 2017 Committee meeting dates are set). At this Committee meeting, staff will present the results of consultation. Comments received will be summarized and attached. Members of the public are welcome to appear at this meeting as a delegation (Speaking to a Committee as a Delegation.aspx).