Urban Centres: A Regional Planning Tool

​Urban Centres are transit-oriented communities with diverse populations, a range of employment opportunities, public spaces, and lively cultural and entertainment amenities.

These characteristics make Urban Centres ideal locations to direct and accommodate growth in our region and are priority locations for higher density housing, employment and services, commercial, cultural, entertainment and institutional uses.

Metro 2040 targets 40% of residential and 50% of employment growth to Urban Centres, and 28% of residential and 27% of employment growth to Frequent Transit Development Areas.

Metro 2040 provides planning guidelines for Urban Centres and Frequent Transit Development Areas.

Directing compact and diverse forms of development to focused locations:

  • Supports an efficient regional land use pattern and transportation network, which in turn reduces energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, and household expenditure on transportation, and improves air quality;
  • Protects natural areas, and agricultural and industrial land by concentrating growth;
  • Provides jobs close to where people live;
  • Promotes and expands opportunities for transit, multi-occupancy vehicles,  cycling and walking;
  • Provides access to a range of housing choices, employment, social and cultural opportunities, parks, greenways and recreational amenities.