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Taking Action

We are recommending that the Province work with the federal government, local municipalities, agencies and community groups to create an immediate action plan, which includes a provincial poverty reduction strategy, expanding home care for people with chronic health issues, mental health and addictions and adding social housing units.

The plan outlines 12 critical actions and performance-based targets:

Preventing pathways into homeless:

  1. The development and implementation of comprehensive federal and provincial poverty reduction strategies, with alignment between both.
  2. The improvement and expansion of home care for chronic health issues, mental illness and addictions.
  3. The establishment of transitional supported-living programs for youth aging out of foster care / child welfare system.
  4. The expansion of programs to meet the need for holistic and culturally safe support services to assist Aboriginal individuals and families in securing and maintaining housing.
  5. The establishment of discharge planning programs to ensure subsidized or market housing on release from incarceration.
  6. An increase in the supply of rental housing that is affordable to households with incomes below $30,000 per year.

Serving people who are homeless:

  1. An increase in the shelter component of income assistance to reflect average market rents.
  2. The provision of additional transitional housing units to meet the need.

Fostering pathways out of homelessness:

  1. The improvement and expansion of appropriate, accessible and timely communication and information about available shelter services.
  2. The provision of additional social housing units to eliminate the waitlist in the region.
  3. The implementation of a coordinated access and assessment approach in which all agencies adopt a standardized approach, and information and data is centralized and harmonized.
  4. An increase in the affordable rental housing supply, including through supporting retention of existing affordable rental units, as well as through supporting the construction of new units.