Seymour Valley TrailwaySeymour Valley Trailway300<div class="ExternalClassC87C2B47AB2F4A05976F5A6FF9496C32"><div><ul><li>public run events</li><li>functions</li><li>outdoor ceremonies and activities</li></ul></div></div><div class="ExternalClass416C8DA071C341A2ACDB41142155052A"><p>​</p>​Trails, Parking, Washrooms</div><div class="ExternalClassEC15657C18EB473D90E06BA26170257F"><div>Seymour Valley Trailway is a 10km paved wide trail. The first 2.5km of the trailway is flatter and is adjacent to accessible parking and washrooms.  More than 20 km of gravel trails can be reserved for your event.<br><br>No liquor can be served without a liquor license and consent from Metro Vancouver.</div></div>, Seymour Valley Trailway



Seymour Valley