Davies Orchard Revitalization

Moving forward to make Davies Orchard even better

Work is currently underway to develop a detailed design for the concept plan approved by the Metro Vancouver Regional District board.

The concept plan includes elements that will better connect the Davies Orchard Area to other parts of Crippen Regional Park, including the Davies Creek area. And it will introduce some new amenities and features to the area, including:

  • a cottage-themed picnic shelter
  • a nature experience program area
  • a nature trail and stewardship/habitat creation area
  • a central open space with views to Snug Cove and the mountains beyond
  • expansion of the orchard
  • rehabilitation using native plant species that will benefit butterflies, bees and birds
  • interpretive displays, and
  • improvements to the six cottages identified in the concept plan.
Davies Orchard Concept Plan
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Project site

The Davies Orchard site is located in Crippen Regional Park. It was planted as an orchard by William Davies in the late 1880s; the fruit was sold to Bowen Island residents -- and shipped to Vancouver. Later, in the early 1900s, Davies rented tents to island visitors. In the 1920s, a number of rental cottages were built.

The current Davies Orchard site measures about 2.3 acres (0.9 ha) and includes open space, road access, pedestrian access, young heritage-variety fruit trees and 10 cottage buildings, in varying states of repair.

Reports and other materials

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