Regional Parks Service Review

Completed in 2014, the Regional Parks Service Review provided recommendations under key topics including purpose of the regional park system, parkland acquisition and development, and service operating model.

Outcomes of the review guided updates to the 2011 Regional Park Plan including goals and strategies, framework for park interpretation and stewardship program, land acquisition and park classification.

The Regional Parks Service Review examined the long‐term regional parks function, the relevance of the parks function in the future, and how the growth of the function will be managed.

Neilson‐Welch Consulting Inc., a BC-based local government consultancy with considerable experience in regional district service reviews, was retained for the assignment. This Report presents the consultant's findings and 19 recommendations and the additional four (4) recommendations that arose from Committee discussions. All 23 recommendations were endorsed by the GVRD Board on November 28, 2014.