Project Overview

A higher capacity outfall will be required for the larger plant. The location of the new outfall will be selected to ensure provincial and federal law regulations designed to protect human health and aquatic life are met. The location and construction of the new outfall will be planned in consultation with Fraser River users and permitting agencies to minimize impacts to river activity and the river itself.





Early 2020 – Late 2022True1Early 2020 – Late 2022<div class="ExternalClass6380F477790047BA8D26A2958D4EE983"><p>​Pump station and storage tank<br></p></div>
Mid 2021 – Early 2023False2Mid 2021 – Early 2023<div class="ExternalClass22F9CE5E9A8F4EA5BCB5C984DA679644"><p>​Fraser River crossing<br></p></div>
Mid 2022 - Mid 2026False3Mid 2022 - Mid 2026<div class="ExternalClassAB7ACDFC3D3644C592D02E2F8149E9D8"><p>​Wastewater treatment expansion<br></p></div>
Late 2023 – Late 2026False4Late 2023 – Late 2026<div class="ExternalClass04DCB9CE7E9B439FB45D1A40B1EB6AE2"><p>​Outfall pipe <br></p></div>

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