Research and resources

The application of biosolids to land has been researched extensively in North America for over 40 years. Biosolids regulations and guidelines are based on this research.

Metro Vancouver is always looking for opportunities to increase its knowledge, incorporate best management practices and improve its program. Since its start in 1991, the Nutrifor™ program has been involved in numerous research projects and studies conducted by Agriculture Canada, the Ministry of Forests, and academics from several universities. The studies investigated Nutrifor’s™ capacity to improve vegetation growth, build soil and support the microorganisms needed for healthy plants and soil.

In 2012 Metro Vancouver was recognized by the National Biosolids Partnership for its work to align its biosolids management with the partnership‘s code of good practice. Metro Vancouver also received the Excellence in Biosolids Management Award from the Northwest Biosolids Management Association and Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association in 2010. The award recognizes innovative leadership in biosolids management.

Setting up a biosolids research plot at OK Ranch in B.C.