Health and Environment

Long-term scientific studies across North America have shown that proper application of biosolids to land is safe for public health and the environment and provides benefits for soils and plant growth. Metro Vancouver has been using biosolids safely and responsibly since 1991, meeting or exceeding all provincial regulations.

Nutrifor™ is the brand name for the biosolids produced by Metro Vancouver. To produce Nutrifor™. Metro Vancouver follows a rigorous quality control program, testing its biosolids over 9,000 times annually.



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How biosolids are regulated

In Canada, biosolids are regulated provincially. In BC, the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation (OMRR) governs the production, quality and use of biosolids on land, with the goal of protecting human health and the environment. The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment supports the use of biosolids on land and provides guidelines for their use.

Using biosolids safely and responsibly

Metro Vancouver’s quality control process starts before biosolids are created. A sewer use bylaw regulates what can be sent to wastewater treatment plants and is enforced by regional officers.

Throughout the treatment process, Metro Vancouver tests the wastewater that will be turned into Nutrifor™. Once Nutrifor™ has been produced, it is tested again before it leaves the plant. Test results show that Nutrifor™ is consistently within the limits established by the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Health.

Before Nutrifor™ is applied to land, Metro Vancouver:

  • tests each site to determine its specific needs
  • looks at each site individually and works with experienced, qualified professionals to develop a plan that is tailored to that site
  • submits plans for each site to the BC Ministry of Environment and the Local Health Authority
  • submits plans for each site to the Agricultural Land Commission (if the rangeland or hayfields are in the Agricultural Land Reserve)