Fertilizing rangeland and hayfields

The southwestern interior region of BC is semi-arid and its relatively infertile soils lack nutrients and organic matter. Adding biosolids to rangeland and hayfields helps build healthy, productive soils by providing organic matter and nutrients, improving soil water retention, increasing vegetation growth and decreasing soil erosion.







Studies conducted by Agriculture Canada on these lands have shown that biosolids use improved soil health and increased the amount and quality of grasses available as forage for livestock. At OK Ranch north of Clinton, research conducted by the Ministry of Forests shows that grasslands in poor condition have been restored to a healthy, productive state with only one application of Nutrifor™.

OK Ranch test plot: native bunch grass continues to flourish over ten years after a single application of Nutrifor™
OK Ranch hay field after application of Nutrifor™


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Rey Creek Ranch, B.C.

Rey Creek Ranch in Logan Lake, BC has been using Nutrifor™ to fertilize fields to grow forage for cattle since 1997. To date, over 500 hectares have been fertilized, resulting in healthier plants and soil. Studies of the land where biosolids are used consistently show increases in plant growth and that plants contain more protein than average. The Ministry of Forests continues to study the area to look at the long-term effects of biosolids on plants and soils.