Development Cost Charges

Funding Wastewater System Expansion

Metro Vancouver applies Development Cost Charges (DCC) to users that are part of emerging Lower Mainland developments to pay for new sanitary sewer works such as additional trunk lines, pumping stations, and wastewater treatment plant expansion.

Calculating the Development Cost Charges

DCCs are calculated based on the type of development and the location. The Lower Mainland is divided into four sewerage areas, Fraser, Lulu Island West, North Shore, Vancouver which include all the municipalities except for the villages of Anmore, Belcarra and Lions Bay.  

Collecting the Development Cost Charges

Local municipalities are responsible for collecting the charge. This is usually done at the subdivision approval stage for single-family residential developments and the building permit stage for other types of development.

The chart below outlines the general rates, but individual municipalities sometimes choose to charge less to developers and use other revenue sources to make up the difference.


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  Fraser Lulu Island West North Shore Vancouver
Single Family Residential (Use per dwelling unit) $1,731$1,077$1,291$944
Townhouse Residential (Use per dwelling unit)$1,515$942$1,129$826
Apartment Residential (Use per dwelling unit)$1,082$673$807$590
Non-Residential (Use per sq. ft. of building)$0.811$0.505$0.605$0.443

GVS&DD Development Cost Charge Bylaw

Affordable Housing

The Bylaw includes provisions to waive regional development cost charges (DCCs) for a number of different types of affordable housing. The Bylaw is consistent with the directions in the Regional Affordable Housing Strategy which was adopted by the Metro Vancouver Board in November 2007 and are intended to complement and support municipal efforts to create more affordable housing.

Housing Affordability & Diversity