Liquid Waste Development Cost Charges

Funding Wastewater System Expansion

Metro Vancouver collects Development Cost Charges (DCCs) for new residential and non-residential developments in the region to pay for new sanitary sewer works such as additional trunk lines, pumping stations, and wastewater treatment plant expansion that are needed to deliver wastewater services to the future residents of these buildings. These fees are defined in the Development Cost Charge Bylaw.

Calculating the Development Cost Charges

DCCs are calculated based on the type of development and the location. The Lower Mainland is divided into four sewerage areas, Fraser, Lulu Island West, North Shore, Vancouver which include all of the region's municipalities except for the villages of Anmore, Belcarra and Lions Bay.  

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Updates to Development Cost Charges

Metro Vancouver is currently updating the Liquid Waste DCC Bylaw, as well as pursuing legislative changes to enable DCCs to be collected for regional water infrastructure. Information regarding the liquid waste DCC update and the water DCC, including draft rates and engagement events, will be posted on the DCC project website.

Collecting the Development Cost Charges

Local municipalities are responsible for collecting the charge. This is usually done at the subdivision approval stage for single-family residential developments and the building permit stage for other types of development.

The chart below outlines the general rates.


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 Sewer Area Single-Family Townhouse Apartment Non-Residential
Vancouver$1,811$1,618$1,072$0.93/sq ft
Lulu Island$2,214$1,915$1,388$1.05/sq ft
North Shore$2,300$2,076$1,416$1.20/sq ft
Fraser$5,428$4,695$3,530$2.67/sq ft

Current rates as of May 1, 2018.

GVS&DD Development Cost Charge Bylaw

The GVS&DD developed a Cost Apportionment Bylaw that guides how liquid waste infrastructure costs, including growth-related costs, are apportioned to and shared by municipalities and sewerage areas. The growth-related project costs are then included within the DCC calculations for the individual sewerage areas.

"In-stream" Applications

I started my development application process before the new Development Cost Charge (DCC) rates were approved. Am I subject to the new DCC rates?

New development cost charge bylaws are subject to “in-stream” provisions as determined by Section 568 of the Local Government Act.

Local Government Act - Effect of bylaws adopted after application for rezoning, development permit or building permit submitted

568(2) - Subject to subsection (3), a development cost charge bylaw that would otherwise be applicable to the construction, alteration or extension of a building or structure has no effect with respect to that construction, alteration or extension if

  1. the building permit authorizing that construction, alteration or extension is issued within 12 months after the date the bylaw is adopted, and
  2. a precursor application to that building permit is in-stream on the date the bylaw is adopted.