Trucked Liquid Waste Program Review

Metro Vancouver is reviewing aspects of the Trucked Liquid Waste Program, including sections in the Sewer Use Bylaw No. 299, 2007, which regulate the discharge of trucked liquid waste at Metro Vancouver facilities.

Metro Vancouver is committed to engaging with stakeholders that have the potential to be impacted by changes to the Trucked Liquid Waste Program. During the review process, staff will seek input on:

  • Administrative changes and updates to language, including definitions
  • What wastes must use trucked liquid waste facilities, what wastes haulers can discharge directly into the wastewater collection system and the requirements to be allowed to do so
  • New regulations for sani-dump operators
  • Clarifying manifesting requirements for haulers
  • Policy development for out of region trucked liquid waste
  • Fees
  • Educational tools

Project Updates

Thank you for your input!

December 11, 2020 was the deadline for input about the proposed policy changes for trucked liquid waste haulers and generators (PDF) and sani-dump facilities (PDF). Thank you to those who submitted feedback.

What’s Next?

The input we received will be reviewed and considered before the policy recommendations are finalized and presented to Metro Vancouver’s Board for consideration in early 2021. The Board will be provided with a report summarizing all engagement activities and collected feedback. We will share a copy of this final engagement summary on this webpage when it is available. An interim engagement summary for October 2019 to September 2020 is available here (PDF).

Policy changes for trucked liquid waste haulers and generators and sani-dump facilities are anticipated to go into effect in early 2021, subject to the Board’s approval.

COVID-19 and the Delivery of Essential Services

Metro Vancouver continues to closely monitor developments regarding COVID-19 and our paramount commitment is to maintain essential services to the region while protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors, residents and businesses. Implementation plans for any change in fees, new policies or other requirements that may result from the Trucked Liquid Waste Program Review will be developed with consideration given to the current economic conditions in which businesses are now operating due to COVID-19.

Engagement timeline

Beginning in fall 2019, Metro Vancouver will work with trucked liquid waste haulers and other industry representatives to seek input as part of the program review process.


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How can I provide input during the review process?

Metro Vancouver is offering a number of ways for industry representatives to provide their input during the review process including:

  • Feedback sessions
  • Online questionnaire
  • One-to-one interviews

If you would like to be involved in the process, please contact us.

Why is Metro Vancouver reviewing the Trucked Liquid Waste Program?

Trucked liquid waste is high strength and must be managed appropriately to minimize risks to the wastewater system. The purpose of the Sewer Use Bylaw No. 299, 2007 is to protect the wastewater system, human health and the environment. Aspects of the bylaw related to trucked liquid waste have not been reviewed since 2007 and associated fees have not been updated since 2012.

Metro Vancouver is reviewing the Trucked Liquid Waste Program to ensure it reflects current best practices for the management of trucked liquid waste in the region. Regulations, fee structure and definitions require a review to:

  • stay current with industry practices and trends
  • reflect regional population growth
  • better manage what is being delivered to treatment plants