Public and Local Community Meetings

Metro Vancouver has worked closely with North Shore communities, special interest groups, local governments and First Nations since 2012 to learn about their values, interests and concerns. This engagement informed the Indicative Design of the new wastewater treatment plant. You can find meeting summaries and past presentations here:




Lions Gate Public Advisory Committee (LGPAC)

A new Lions Gate Public Advisory Committee was formed for the Design and Construction phase of the project. With a mix of new and familiar faces, the committee for this phase provided input to the Request for Proposal that forms the basis of the design-build contract. They also assisted the project team in understanding the community impacts of the project and exploring educational opportunities at the new plant.  View the Terms of Reference here and learn more about the LGPAC members here.





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 LGPAC Past Meetings

​A big thank you to the LGPAC from the Project Definition Phase, which focused on capturing community values and interests in the report "Community Values and Interests for the Design of the Lions Gate Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant". This report informed the Indicative Design and helps to ensure that the plant design take into account community issues and concerns.