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Highbury Interceptor Air Management FacilityHighbury Interceptor Air Management Facility<div class="ExternalClass9AC19CB90D90417E8D0516373B106C9A"><p>Metro Vancouver’s Highbury Interceptor is a large sanitary sewer that conveys the majority of the City of Vancouver’s wastewater to the Iona Island Wastewater Treatment Plant in Richmond.</p><p> In recent years, odour complaints related to the Highbury Interceptor have increased. To address these issues, Metro Vancouver is constructing an air management facility in Musqueam Park. The facility has been designed to remove odour and minimize corrosion which will extend the life of the sewer system. Once air is treated inside the facility and stripped of odour, it is dispersed through the vent stack.<br></p> </div>City of Vancouver

Project Update

  • COVID-19 AND DELIVERY OF ESSENTIAL SERVICES - posted on April 17, 2020

    ​Metro Vancouver continues to closely monitor developments regarding COVID-19 and our paramount commitment is to maintain essential services to the region while protecting the health and safety of our employees and partners. Metro Vancouver's construction projects are key components in ensuring the ongoing delivery of essential services as defined by the Province of BC. Metro Vancouver follows the guidance of the Provincial Health Officer and is taking all necessary measures to ensure our worksites remain safe and healthy.







<div class="ExternalClassC9A5D5BE2BBE44BAA9A20A096A40675E"><p>​Activities associated with the construction of the air management facility will include:<br></p><ul><li>Tree removal</li><li>Construction vehicles, equipment, an office trailer and material storage in the park<br></li><li>Construction of the building access road<br></li><li>Site restoration, tree re-planting and landscaping<br></li></ul><div><br></div><div>The project will generate noise similar to the construction of a house. The most significant work will occur in the first few months, after which most of the work will be done inside the facility and there will be less noise impact. <br></div></div><div class="ExternalClassBF7081C4513745C99106CC2A29028264"><p>Work will occur between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, and 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Saturday's. Work may occasionally occur outside these hours to complete a specific task or maintain the construction schedule. <br></p> </div><div class="ExternalClass408C332361FD4181A27B942366BB6105"><p>Metro Vancouver has worked closely with the community, the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Park Board, and the Musqueam Indian Band to gather feedback on the location, design and landscaping of this facility. <br></p><p> <strong>Past Meetings:</strong></p><p>June 9, 2015 - Public Meeting, Musqueam Recreation Centre</p><p>June 25, 2014 - Interactive Open House, Musqueam Recreation Centre</p><p>January to June 2014 - Various onsite stakeholder meetings</p><p>April 24, 2014 - Meeting with the West Southlands Ratepayers Association, Kerrisdale Community Centre</p><p>October 24, 2013 - Community Open House, Marineview Chapel</p></div>



2018 - Summer 2020



Fact Sheethttp://www.metrovancouver.org/services/liquid-waste/construction-maintenance/ConstructionProjectPublications/Fact Sheet.pdfFact Sheet



<div class="ExternalClass8A04D984ED744D7D986A25AEA14FE91B"><p> <strong> <strong>Monday to Friday (8 am - 4:30 pm)<br></strong></strong>Community Liaison: 604-432-6200<br><strong><br>After-Hours Emergencies: <br></strong>604-451-6610</p><p> <strong>Email: </strong><a href="mailto:icentre@metrovancouver.org?subject=Highbury%20Interceptor"> Information Centre</a>  </p></div>

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