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The Albert Street Sewer helps collect sewage from the Cities of Port Moody and Coquitlam and carry it to the Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant in the City of Delta. The existing sewer is currently operating at full capacity and is vulnerable to overflows.

Metro Vancouver is upgrading the Albert Street Sewer as part of our commitment to protect public health and the environment. The new pipe is being designed to enhance environmental protection by preventing sewage backups and overflows, and accommodate future population growth throughout the region.

The Albert Street Sewer Upgrade will take place in phases, beginning in 2019 and continuing for several years. Crews will begin construction on the next phase of the project, extending from Spring Street to Vintner Street in spring 2021 using open-cut and tunneling construction methods (see map and panels below for details). Construction for this phase of the project will take approximately six months to complete.

  Location: City of Port Moody

Project Update


    Bypass Pumps & Generator Installation
    Starting as early as June 17, 2021, for approximately two weeks, crews will be running temporary bypass pumps and generator equipment 24 hours a day near the St. Johns Apartment building parking enclosure. The equipment will be enclosed to minimize noise-related impacts to the neighbourhood. This work may result in some temporary overnight noise in the area.

    Tunnelling Shaft Construction Work
    Starting the week of June 21, 2021, crews will begin constructing the underground tunnel along Spring Street near Barnet Highway. Work will involve digging a trench to remove the existing pipe and install a new underground concrete shaft for the tunnel work.  This section of work is expected to last approximately four months.

    Construction Impacts & Safety
    Impacts associated with this work may include:
    • Pedestrian access along Spring Street restricted throughout construction
    • Possible overnight noise associated with the operation of temporary bypass pumps and generators
    • Vehicles and heavy equipment within the work zone and on surrounding roads
    • Construction noise during certain tasks
    • Minor traffic impacts and temporary parking restrictions near the work zone
    • Dust

    Traffic Impacts
    During this work, temporary parking and sidewalk restrictions within the work zones will be in effect as well as traffic pattern changes and temporary delays along Spring Street. Crews will ensure access to businesses and driveways is maintained at all times. Please use extra caution and follow the direction of signage and traffic control personnel.

    Hours of Work & Noise
    Temporary bypass pumps and generators located near the St. Johns Apartment parking enclosure will be running 24 hours a day. All other construction work will typically occur Monday to Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. All work will comply with City of Port Moody bylaws or granted bylaw variances.

 Map & Schedule



Albert Street Sewer Upgrade Project Maphttp://www.metrovancouver.org/services/liquid-waste/construction-maintenance/ConstructionProjectPictures/_t/Map-Albert_Street_Sewer_Upgrade_Project_Ph_2_jpg.jpghttp://www.metrovancouver.org/services/liquid-waste/construction-maintenance/ConstructionProjectPictures/Forms/DispForm.aspx?ID=163&RootFolder=/services/liquid-waste/construction-maintenance/ConstructionProjectPicturesAlbert Street Sewer Upgrade Project Map

  • Project Activities

    Construction impacts associated with this work will include:

    • Construction noise and vibration
    • Traffic delays, temporary road closures and detours
    • Parking restrictions
    • Increased traffic and construction vehicles in the area
  • Community Liaison

    A Community Liaison has been assigned to meet with residents, community members, and business owners to discuss the project impacts, compile public feedback, and be available by phone or email to address any questions or concerns.



Project OverviewProject Overview<div class="ExternalClass07C973EE2FBF43F4AB96F50CDD1941C8"><p>​Metro Vancouver is in the process of upgrading the Albert Street Sewer, a large sewer pipe that helps move wastewater from the Tri-Cities to the Annacis Wastewater Treatment Plant in the City of Delta for treatment.</p><p>The current pipe is aging and needs to be upgraded to prevent any potential spills and to help ensure the continued protection of public health and the environment. Once complete, this necessary work will accommodate the growing population and servicing needs in the Tri-Cities.</p><p>Crews will begin construction for the next phase of the project, extending from Clark Street to Vintner Street, in spring 2021 using tunneling and open-cut construction methods (see map for details). Construction is scheduled to take approximately six months to complete. </p><p> <a href="/services/liquid-waste/construction-maintenance/albert-street/AlbertStreetPics/Panel1-ProjectMap.jpg" data-lightbox="updates"> <img alt="Albert Street Upgrade - Panel 1" src="/services/liquid-waste/construction-maintenance/albert-street/AlbertStreetPics/Panel1-ProjectMap-sm.jpg" style="margin:0px;" /></a></p></div> <br>#97957e
Construction Activities: Tunneling SectionConstruction Activities: Tunneling Section<div class="ExternalClass136BC09445E944C981F33B5E5586CA78"><h4> Work Location<br></h4><p>Along Barnet Highway, between Spring Street and Clarke Street </p><h4>Project Activities</h4><ul><li>Replacing existing sewer pipe using tunneling construction methods to reduce traffic impacts across Barnet Highway </li><li>Construction of three tunnel shafts along the alignment</li><li>Above-ground tunneling equipment and materials, including a separation unit set up near the construction area</li><li>Work area and materials set up in a vacant property in the southeast corner of Barnet Highway and Clarke Street</li><li>Restoring the area and paving the roadway once construction is complete<br></li></ul><h4>What to expect</h4><ul><li>Minor ground vibrations as the tunnel passes under foot </li><li>Noise and vibration from the separation unit which will be located near the construction area</li><li>Construction noise from heavy equipment and machinery on site </li><li>Vehicles delivering equipment and materials to the area </li><li>Traffic pattern changes, delays, and detours<br></li></ul><p> <a href="/services/liquid-waste/construction-maintenance/albert-street/AlbertStreetPics/Panel2-TunnelConstruction.jpg" data-lightbox="onland"><img src="/services/liquid-waste/construction-maintenance/albert-street/AlbertStreetPics/Panel2-TunnelConstruction.jpg" alt="Tunneling Construction" /></a><br></p></div>#97957e
Construction Activities: Open-Cut SectionConstruction Activities: Open-Cut Section<div class="ExternalClass136BC09445E944C981F33B5E5586CA78"><h4> Work Location<br></h4><p>Open-Cut construction will take place in two sections along the alignment: </p><h4>Project Activities<br></h4><ul><li>Along Spring Street, between Charles Street and Barnet Highway </li><li>North of Clarke Street, extending to just south of Vintner Street</li></ul><h4>Project Activities<br></h4><ul><li>Replacing existing sewer pipe using open-cut construction methods to minimize impacts to the surrounding community </li><li>Digging open trenches to access existing pipe </li><li>Connecting the new sewer pipe to the existing collection system</li><li>Covering the trenches and restoring the area once construction is complete</li></ul><h4>What to expect<br></h4><ul><li>Construction noise and vibration</li><li>Traffic pattern changes, delays, and detours </li><li>Parking restrictions </li><li>Increased traffic and construction vehicles in the area</li></ul><p> <a href="/services/liquid-waste/construction-maintenance/albert-street/AlbertStreetPics/Panel3-OpenCutConstruction.jpg" data-lightbox="onland"> <img src="/services/liquid-waste/construction-maintenance/albert-street/AlbertStreetPics/Panel3-OpenCutConstruction.jpg" alt="Open-cut Construction" /></a> <br></p></div>#97957e
Minimizing Impacts to the Community Minimizing Impacts to the Community <div class="ExternalClass136BC09445E944C981F33B5E5586CA78"><p>Metro Vancouver is committed to reducing the temporary effects of construction-related activities on surrounding communities as much as possible. </p><h4> Noise:<br></h4><p>Residents and businesses may experience some noise and vibration from construction at the tunnel shaft entry points which will be located along the alignment. The following measures will be put in place to help minimize potential noise impacts:</p><ul><li>Crews will work within the City of Port Moody Noise Bylaw or granted bylaw variances </li><li>Advance notice will be provided to nearby residents and businesses for particularly noisy activities or work that is scheduled to take place outside of regular working hours</li><li>Operational noise will be reduced where possible</li><li>Noise and vibration will be monitored to ensure that levels are within the permitted range</li></ul><h4>Traffic:<br></h4><p>There will be temporary road closures, delays, detours, and traffic pattern changes in effect. The following measures will be put in place to reduce impacts to the community: </p><ul><li>Develop and adhere to a comprehensive traffic management plan </li><li>Have traffic control personnel on site to safely direct road users around the work zones</li><li>Provide advance notice, including additional road signs, of any temporary closures or traffic pattern changes </li><li>Provide safe, clearly marked routes for pedestrian and cycling access around the work zone</li><li>Install cones and temporary fencing to clearly identify the work zone</li><li>Maintain access for emergency responders</li></ul></div>#97957e
Our Commitment to YouOur Commitment to You<div class="ExternalClass136BC09445E944C981F33B5E5586CA78"><p>Metro Vancouver is committed to working closely with the community and the City of Port Moody throughout this project to ensure concerns and interested are considered and that the impacts of construction are minimized as much as possible. Advance notification of upcoming construction activities to nearby residents and businesses will be communicated through: </p><ul><li>Newsletters, door hangers, email, and web updates</li><li>Signage</li><li>Twitter updates (@MVRoadWork)</li></ul><p>To receive project updates, please sign-up for our email database by clicking the blue button at the bottom right-hand side of this webpage. </p><h4>Community Liaison</h4><p>A Community Liaison is available to meet with business owners, residents, and community members to discuss the project impacts, compile public feedback, and be available by phone or email to address any questions or concerns. </p><h4>Contact Metro Vancouver</h4><p><strong>Community Liaison</strong>: 604-432-6200 (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)</p><p><strong>After-Hours Emergency:</strong> 604-451-6610</p><p><strong>Email</strong>: <a href="mailto:icentre@metrovancouver.org">icentre@metrovancouver.org</a> (Please include “<em>Albert Street Sewer Upgrade</em>” in the subject line)<br></p></div>#97957e




Jul 2019 – Dec 2020False1Jul 2019 – Dec 2020<div class="ExternalClass814ABA29DFBD47D68A2B3323D14CA914">Phase 1 <br></div>
Spring 2021 – Fall 2021 True2Spring 2021 – Fall 2021 <div class="ExternalClass2C62D2492EBD4DC496C1A1160D9373FE">Phase 2<br></div>






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