Kingston Gardens Redevelopment

Kingston Gardens, built in 1981, is a 192-unit townhouse development in Surrey that occupies just over 10 acres. It is bounded by 152 Avenue on the west, 154 Avenue on the east, 99 Street on the south, and 100 Street on the north.
It does not include the complex on the northwest corner of the property bounded by 154 Avenue and 100 Street.

  • Kingston Gardens consists of two and three bedroom townhouses.
  • Metro Vancouver Housing has mixed income communities at low-end-of-market rates and rates geared to tenants incomes.


Metro Vancouver Housing is undertaking the redevelopment of the southwest portion of the housing site. This project reflects the goals and objectives as set out in the Metro 2040 Regional Growth Strategy and the Regional Affordable Housing Strategy to provide more rental accommodation in a region desperately in need of affordable housing.

  • Kingston Gardens is a 192 rental unit complex. This project will redevelop 24 units and create 85 new homes all planned to be 100% rental development.
  • The newly developed building will offer one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom units, some of which are accessible.
  • We are being sensitive to local neighbourhood needs such as aesthetics, trees and green space, changing demographics, traffic/parking and changing transportation habits and access to amenities.


Project Timeline


  • Relocation of tenants present to the end of 2018
  • Deconstruction Work slated to begin in early 2019