​Metro Vancouver Housing is committed to managing our buildings sustainably: financially, environmentally, and socially.


Metro Vancouver Housing takes a sustainable approach to debt management and infrastructure development with the goal of minimizing the financial impact of today's choices on future generations.

Financial sustainability is key to Metro Vancouver Housing as a not-for-profit. 98% of our operations and capital maintenance are funded through tenant rents, driving the commitment to financial sustainability.


Environmental sustainability is equally important to Metro Vancouver and our newest development at Heather Place is meeting LEED gold standards. Metro Vancouver recognizes that sustainable buildings that have built-in energy efficiencies will lead to lower operating costs on a lifecycle basis. As we redevelop and add more housing stock in the future we will work towards high environmental standards.


Metro Vancouver Housing works closely with tenants and tenant associations to build and support sustainable, engaged communities. Metro Vancouver Housing’s focus on keeping rents affordable for a diverse mix of tenants in conjunction with community amenities and programming are key to supporting these communities. Metro Vancouver Housing also works closely with tenants and tenant associations on redevelopment plans to ensure residents are informed of projects well in advance. Metro Vancouver Housing's tenant relocation program helps tenants find new homes within our portfolio and tries to keep tenants as close to their original neighbourhood as possible to avoid displacement and keep communities whole.