Collaboration & Partnership

‚ÄčAs an organization, Metro Vancouver has deep working relationships with all orders of government throughout Canada, as well as internationally.

Metro Vancouver Housing has worked with many different partners over the years to build and operate 49 affordable housing sites across our region, including federal and provincial governments, municipalities and not-for-profit organizations. In addition, numerous partnerships with local community organizations are key to providing services for our tenants in the pursuit of supportive and inclusive communities.

These partnerships are an essential element of our success:


Metro Vancouver Housing recognizes the opportunity and need to increase the amount of affordable housing in the region and is pursuing development and redevelopment opportunities within the Metro Vancouver Housing portfolio and with partners.

As we work to meet the challenges of aging infrastructure and meet the increasing demand for affordable housing, we are seeking partnerships with external funders.

Partners can provide any number of critical assets including land, support services, funding grants and subsidized construction costs. Partnerships are essential to help offset the long-term cost of building, operating and maintaining our housing stock while keeping rents affordable.  

We would also like to share our experience and knowledge as a longtime non-profit housing provider. We can share information on a range of topics that include tenant management, operations and maintenance strategies, lease agreements, and service partnerships. Email if you would like to learn more.

Partnership Opportunities

To inquire about partnership opportunities, email us.