​Metro Vancouver Housing (Corporation) is wholly owned by Metro Vancouver Regional District and is governed by and receives political direction from the Metro Vancouver Housing Corporation Board of Directors. 

As part of the Metro Vancouver Regional District, Metro Vancouver Housing is guided by the Board Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is developed in collaboration with our members and takes a comprehensive approach to developing a livable and sustainable region. The affordable homes provided by Metro Vancouver Housing help to support a livable and sustainable region.

The Regional Affordable Housing Strategy was adopted by the Metro Vancouver Board in 2016, focuses on the rental housing supply, and has five goals:  

  1. Expand the supply and diversity of housing to meet a variety of needs
  2. Expand the rental supply and balance preservation of existing stock with redevelopment while supporting existing tenants
  3. Meet housing demand estimates for very low and low-income earners
  4. Increase the rental housing supply along the Frequent Transit Network
  5. End homelessness in the region

Metro Vancouver is responsible for implementing many of the actions in the strategy through its regional planning function and through Metro Vancouver Housing.