Heather Place Redevelopment

July, 2020, Metro Vancouver Housing, in partnership with BC Housing, opened a new affordable rental housing building at the existing Heather Place Metro Vancouver Housing site located in the City of Vancouver’s Fairview neighbourhood. The new building is referred to as Heather Place Building A.

Many of the 67 new homes have rents geared to 30% of tenant’s gross household incomes*. Other units will be low-end-of-market rentals for low to moderate income households. The building design considers a diverse population of families, couples, singles and seniors with a mix of incomes and will include a range of accessible and adaptable homes.

*Generally, 'affordable housing' is defined as housing that costs less than 30% of a household's pre-tax income.

Rental availability

Where most units in Building A are rented, there remains some availability for low-end-of-market units. Applications will be accepted only after Sept 1, 2020. Prospective tenants for any Metro Vancouver Housing site are encouraged to visit the Metro Vancouver Housing site for details on eligibility. Visit Metro Vancouver Housing’s ‘Apply for Housing’.

Metro Vancouver Housing is committed to existing tenants and works closely to support them through any redevelopment project. The Heather Place redevelopment includes a transparent rehousing process including right of first refusal (as per City of Vancouver requirements), and a series of prioritizing criteria that start with long-term Heather Place tenants.

Partners in affordable housing

Metro Vancouver Housing partnered with the Province, through BC Housing, on Building A. Construction started in March 2018 and move-in through August 2020. The Province contributed funds and Metro Vancouver Housing provided both funds and the land. The project cost is $28.5 million.

Building A

This new building features such as a green roof, stormwater management, and energy efficiency.

The building includes a common area, playcourt and community kitchen. Heather Place provides affordable rental housing with good access to frequent public transportation.

Heather Place Redevelopment

Building B

A second building, Building B, is planned for this site, and Metro Vancouver Housing estimates tenant move-in for 2023. With Building B, Heather Place will include over 150 affordable rental homes.

Rental Information

Metro Vancouver Main Housing Office 604-432-6300

Information for Tenants

Apply for Housing (For Heather Place A, only after Sept 1)