Regional Services

Region-wide Services

Metro Vancouver is responsible for implementing Metro 2040: Shaping our Future (the regional growth strategy). Metro 2040 covers the entire region, with the exception of the Howe Sound Islands, which are within the jurisdiction of the Islands Trust and lands within federal jurisdiction, such as First Nation Reserves, the airport and port lands.

Metro Vancouver provides the following services across the region, including Electoral Area A:

  • 9-1-1 emergency telephone
  • Air quality
  • General government
  • Regional Employee Services (RES)
  • Regional utilities
  • Regional parks
  • Strategic and regional growth planning
  • Woodstove Exchange program

Within Electoral Area A, Metro Vancouver provides regional infrastructure services to UBC and University Endowment Lands, specifically water supply and wastewater treatment. In terms of regional parks, the Electoral Area contains Pacific Spirit Regional Park, and parklands on Barnston Island.