Overview of Local Services

Metro Vancouver acts as the local government for Electoral Area A and is responsible for providing certain planning, building permit, emergency planning and general administration services for the Electoral Area. Different services are provided in some different parts of the Electoral Area.

Services provided by other agencies

Certain services in the Electoral Area are provided by other agencies, including:

  • policing by the RCMP,
  • public schooling through the local School Districts,
  • health facilities through the Health Authorities,
  • roads through the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (with the exception of some roads within UBC and University Endowment Lands),
  • transit by TransLink,
  • structural fire protection (for University Endowment Lands and UBC) through the Provincial Government.

Summary of Local Services Provided by Metro Vancouver to Electoral Area

Local Service Provided by Metro Vancouver Howe Sound Bowyer Island Passage Island Indian Arm Boulder Island Carra-holly Pitt Lake Barnston Island UBC UEL
Land Use Planning Islands TrustIslands Trust Admin. by Province Admin. by Province
Building Permits/ Inspections Admin. by UBC Admin. by UEL
Emergency Planning and Response*
Liquor Licence Review TBD
General Admin Admin. by UBC Admin. by UEL

Note*: Emergency Planning and Response includes Emergency Social Services, Disaster Financial Assistance, Wildland Fire Suppression (under agreement with BC Forest Service), and Incident Command.

Metro Vancouver does not provide local recreational or community services / facilities or structural fire protection services to the Electoral Area.

Additional infrastructure and services, such as drinking water, septic, garbage collection and snow clearing may be organized and contracted directly by individual communities.