The Electoral Area A Zoning Bylaw sets out the permitted land uses and regulations for specific zones in all areas except:


 Electoral Area Consolidated Zoning Bylaw
The Bylaw regulates Zoning and development of real property within parts of Electoral Area A. Establishes General Regulations, Zone Schedules, Subdivision of Land, Off-Street Parking and Loading, Amendment Procedures and Severability.

Zoning Bylaw Review

The zoning bylaw is currently being reviewed in consultation with Electoral Area A residents. The review includes proposed amendments that stem from the Official Community Plan adopted in 2018, including short-term rental regulations, as well as definitions and regulations related to specific aspects of the zoning bylaw, such as accessory buildings and structures.

Metro Vancouver invited residents and property owners from the Electoral Area A communities of Barnston Island, Howe Sound mainland (including Montizambert Wynd, Strachan Point and Ocean Point), Indian Arm (including Boulder Island and Carraholly Point) and the west side of Pitt Lake to attend two round of meetings in fall 2019. Materials distributed at the meetings are provided below.


Staff are currently reviewing feedback received from the two rounds of meetings and discussions with individual residents. This feedback will be incorporated into proposed amendments to the zoning bylaw, which will be posted on this website once ready for public review. During this time, we welcome any additional input residents and property owners may have. If you have questions or would like to provide comments, please contact Tom Pearce, Regional Planner, by phone at 604-432-6383 or by email: tom.pearce@metrovancouver.org.