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Climate Action Program
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Climate Action Program 

Climate change has become a pressing global issue. Scientists around the world have concluded that the rapid increase in our production of greenhouse gases (GHGs) is causing an increase in the average temperature on the Earth's surface. GHGs are produced when fossil fuels like gasoline, coal and natural gas are burned.

As our emissions of GHGs continue to grow, average temperature is expected to increase, causing drier summers, wetter winters, and more frequent extreme weather events, along with rising sea-levels. Canada is one of the largest producers of GHGs per capita. However, Metro Vancouver, the B.C. Government and many local governments across the Province are taking a leadership role by setting targets and implementing many GHG emission reduction measures.

Metro Vancouver is working to reduce GHGs and short-lived climate forcers, and ensure that we are resilient to the impacts of climate change, both across the region and within our organization.