Bylaw 1082 and 1083 Amendments

As the authority regulating air quality across the region, Metro Vancouver proposes to make the following changes to Greater Vancouver Regional District Air Quality Management Bylaw No. 1082, 2008 (Bylaw 1082) and Greater Vancouver Regional District Air Quality Management Fees Regulation Bylaw No. 1083, 2008 (Bylaw 1083):

  • Renewal of permits: Define air quality permit renewals as a process different from new permit issuance and permit amendment, and set application fees for permit renewals.

  • New administrative fees and fee inflation adjustments: Add fees for certain administrative tasks, and adjust existing administrative fees for inflation.

  • Natural gas/propane fired comfort heating: Increase the natural gas/propane comfort heating exemption in Bylaw 1082 from 0.1 MW (0.33 million BTU/h) to 0.3 MW (1 million BTU/h) to reduce the number of commercial/industrial heating units requiring explicit authorization.

  • Residential fireplace fuel clarification: Improve the clarity of Bylaw 1082 regarding the residential wood burning fuel definition by changing “wood” to “clean wood”, and by modifying the section into a more readable format.

Additional information on the proposed amendments can be found in the Intentions Paper here.


We appreciate the feedback received before January 4, 2016.

Please send feedback to ; it will be considered until the date that the GVRD Board approves the revised bylaws.