Potential Amendments to Automotive Refinishing Emission Regulation Bylaw 1086

Metro Vancouver is seeking input on potential changes to the Greater Vancouver Regional District Automotive Refinishing Emission Regulation Bylaw No. 1086, 2008 (Bylaw 1086). Information on the potential changes can be found in the Discussion Paper here. Consultation on these potential changes has been extended to March 31, 2018.

We want to hear from you.

Metro Vancouver held events in November and December 2017 for businesses, associations, regulatory agencies and members of the public to provide feedback on the potential changes. If you were not able to attend the events but still have questions or comments you can still submit feedback to Bylaw1086@metrovancouver.org. Comments will be taken into consideration until the MVRD Board makes a decision about amendments to Bylaw 1086.

Project rationale and potential changes

Metro Vancouver is responsible for managing air quality and regulating the discharge of air contaminants in the region to protect human and environmental health.

Metro Vancouver adopted Bylaw 1086 to regulate emissions from automotive refinishing facilities. Air contaminants released from these facilities include volatile organic compounds, hazardous air pollutants and particulate matter, which are associated with adverse health and environmental effects.

Some provisions in Bylaw 1086 no longer represent best management practices for the industry. Potential changes that are under consideration include:

  • Level the playing field so all facilities that spray coat vehicles and equipment must follow the regulation;
  • Modernize product standards for coatings and cleaners;
  • Update filter requirements on paint arrestors;
  • Enhance training requirements to keep knowledge current; and
  • Recover costs of updating and enforcing the regulatory program by amending annual fees.

Consultation and feedback

Thank you for the feedback that has been received to date. Based on this feedback, additional discussions are ongoing to understand the potential impacts of expanding the regulatory scope and updating product formulation standards. Due to these discussions, a partial prohibition on using tertiary butyl acetate (TBAc) in coating formulation is no longer being considered.

You can view the webinar presentation slides here. The webinars were recorded and are available for viewing:

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