Local governments are taking action on climate change, but we all need to do more. We recognize that it takes the actions of many to accelerate our response on climate change -- to both prepare for and adapt to the changes we won't avoid, and to lower our GHG emissions. This website provides just some examples of community initiatives in this region and further around the world.

Local Initiatives

Metro Vancouver recognizes the important roles of both the private and public sectors in the provision of innovative solid waste and recycling services.

  • Organic Waste Biofuel Facility
    The City of Surrey operates a facility that processes organic waste from households and other sources into renewable natural gas, and fuels the City’s natural gas-powered waste collection vehicles and growing fleet of natural gas-powered operations service vehicles. The city received national recognition for the Surrey Biofuel Facility with the 2018 Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators Willis Award for Innovation.
  • Vancouver Landfill Gas Capture Project
    In 2012 the City of Vancouver completed a project to upgrade the landfill gas collection system at its landfill in Delta. This was one of the largest individual GHG reduction projects in the Metro Vancouver region. The project resulted in over 430,000 tonnes of carbon offset credits that were allocated amongst member municipalities.
  • Provincial Landfill Gas Management Regulation
    This regulation requires landfill gas management systems to capture and destroy at least 75% of the methane produced at large municipal solid waste landfills. This regulation effectively drives the design, installation and operation of landfill gas management systems that results in the reduction of a significant amount of GHGs from many landfills in the Province. 
  • CleanBC Initiative – Organics Focus
    The provincial CleanBC initiative announced in early 2019 includes the following waste-oriented goal: “Help Communities to achieve 95% organic waste diversion for agriculture, industrial and municipal waste.”


National and Global Initiatives

  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6
    Sustainable Development Goal 6 is to "Ensure access to water and sanitation for all."
  • National Zero Waste Council
    The National Zero Waste Council, an initiative of Metro Vancouver, is a leadership initiative bringing together governments, businesses and non-government organizations to advance waste prevention in Canada and the transition to a circular economy.
  • Love Food Hate Waste Canada
    Metro Vancouver is proud to be a partner in the National Zero Waste Council's national campaign to reduce food waste, Love Food Hate Waste Canada. Across Canada, 63% of our food waste is avoidable. Reducing food waste helps the environment, reduces pressure on our infrastructure, and can save residents money. Love Food Hate Waste Canada offers easy tips and ideas to reduce food waste at home.