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  • ​Metro 2040 Dashboard
    Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future (Metro 2040) is the regional growth strategy that guides urban growth in British Columbia’s largest metropolitan region. It contains strategies to advance five goals related to urban development, the regional economy, the environment and climate change, housing, complete communities and transportation.
  • Regional Data and Statistics
    Metro Vancouver compiles economic, employment, development, population, and other available data from various sources. Much of this data is published on an annual basis and shows trends over time


Related Metro Vancouver Plans and Policies

  • Metro 2040: Regional Growth Strategy
    This regional growth strategy sets the vision and land-use framework to encourage compact, complete communities and support low carbon forms of transportation like walking, cycling and transit.
  • Regional Affordable Housing Strategy, 2016
    Provides a renewed vision, and shared goals, strategies and actions for tackling the housing affordability challenge in Metro Vancouver. This plan aligns with climate action on numerous issues from identifying the need for a well-housed work force to fairness and connecting affordable rental housing to transportation choices.
  • Regional Parks Plan, 2016
    Identifies a regional park system that protects large scale landscapes in their natural state and provides opportunities for people to connect to nature. The Plan aligns with climate action on numerous issues from protecting sensitive ecosystems to connecting residents to the place we live.