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Related Metro Vancouver Plans and Policies

  • Climate 2050 Infrastructure Summary Paper
    Good planning protects local government infrastructure (reservoirs, pipes, dikes, treatment plants), including facilities located at sea level, from the impacts of climate change.
  • Climate 2050 Transportation Summary Paper
    Changing transportation reliance from cars and light trucks burning fossil fuels to transit, walking and low-carbon mobility will address what is currently the largest source of GHGs in this region.
  • Drinking Water Management Plan, 2011
    This plan has three goals: to provide clean safe drinking water; to ensure the sustainable use of water resources; and to ensure the efficient supply of water. Learn about Metro Vancouver’s performance measures for the greenhouse gases generated in treating and delivering water.
  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Buildings Policy
    Establishes standards for sustainable design and construction of Metro Vancouver infrastructure and buildings.
  • Integrated Liquid Waste and Resource Management Plan, 2010
    This plan provides the framework on how Metro Vancouver and its sewerage and drainage districts provide stormwater and sanitary sewage collection and treatment services. Liquid waste programs to reduce greenhouse gas, along with adapting infrastructure and services to address climate change are important elements of this regulatory plan.