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Related Metro Vancouver Plans and Policies

  • ​Metro Vancouver 2040: Shaping our Future (Metro 2040)
    Metro 2040 prioritizes protecting agricultural land and containing urban growth to both reduce GHG emissions and foster cost efficient utility and transportation infrastructure. Metro Vancouver collaborates with the Agricultural Land Commission on common goals including a defensible Agricultural Land Reserve and an Urban Containment Boundary.
  • Metro Vancouver’s Regional Food System Strategy and Action Plan
    This plan describes how local governments and community partners support a sustainable, resilient and healthy food system. Future efforts are being directed toward collaborating on food security, emergency planning and adaptation to climate change.
  • Metro Vancouver’s Ecological Health Framework
    This framework describes the benefits nature provides to people and recognizes the role of agricultural land in contributing to habitat for wildlife, food for pollinators, carbon sequestration and other benefits referred to as ecosystem services.