Helen and Erik’s needs and building situation

Helen and Erik live in a townhouse in Metro Vancouver and have access to a private two-car garage. Helen and Erik own two electric vehicles, a Ford Focus EV and a Tesla Model S. Before they purchased their cars, they hired an electrician to ensure they had enough electrical capacity available on their panel for charging. They looked into both Level 1 and Level 2 charging options, and determined that a Level 1 charger would cover their daily use. Their garage already had a few regular (110 volt) outlets, so they knew the installation process would be fairly simple. To accommodate charging they hired an electrician to change two of their two-pronged outlets to three-pronged outlets.

Working with their strata

Helen was on strata council and made an initial informal inquiry about her charging interests and to learn about the strata council’s concerns and questions. Using the information gathered in her inquiry, Helen and Erik followed up with a written request to the council, which included information on electric vehicles and charging. Their request explained that the charger would have no impact on the building’s situation and electricity bill--Hellen and Erik had exclusive access to their own parking garage and would directly cover the cost of the installation and charging. Further, the electricity used for charging was connected to their existing electricity account and so would be directly billed to their household. Helen and Erik also met with their strata council several times to provide additional information on charging and to clarify their charging needs. After several months the strata council voted to allow them to use their outlets to charge their vehicles. Because of their building situation the approval did not require a vote among homeowners and no bylaw or rule changes were required to accommodate their charging. They attribute their success to their efforts to educate and engage their strata council about charging.


    Charging needs and building situation

    Existing bylaws/rules for charging: None. This was the first request

    Charger Level: Level 1 (110v outlet)

    Number of electric vehicles with charging access: 2

    Access: Exclusive access

    Building type: Townhouse connected to a high-rise

    Year of construction: 2006

    Parking type: Private two-car garage

    Charger Installation

    Building alterations: Minor. Had to change outlets

    Cost: NA

    Charging Agreement

    Payment for electricity consumption: Directly through homeowner’s electricity bill

    Charger ownership: Homeowner

    Maintenance: Homeowner

    Managed the installation: Homeowner

    Bylaw or rule changes: None. No user fees were charged.


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