GP0|#985ad211-7bd8-4cb5-a1aa-c4f330385831;L0|#0985ad211-7bd8-4cb5-a1aa-c4f330385831|CIPA Lumber Co Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#985ad211-7bd8-4cb5-a1aa-c4f330385831;L0|#0985ad211-7bd8-4cb5-a1aa-c4f330385831|CIPA Lumber Co Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA0051GP0|#31a206cb-92b0-4223-8305-c75b779a52a8;L0|#031a206cb-92b0-4223-8305-c75b779a52a8|Delta;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3a softwood veneer manufacturing and drying plantPermitAmendmentApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClassFEA773EE7C2C44A99D9A2303A2A2E6BB"><p>​The purpose of this application is to request authorization to discharge air contaminants from a new veneer dryer and regenerative thermal oxidizer at their manufacturing and drying plant located at 797 Carlisle Road, Delta, BC.<br></p><p>Discharge flow from the new #5 dryer will be controlled by the current Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) system. Because of the capacity of the WESP system, the discharge flow from #4 dryer will be controlled by a new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) system, other than the discharge from #4 dryer outfeed seal section. <br><br>Current emission source 15 (WESP) will be modified based on the above changes (reduce total natural gas usage and discharge flow for the changeover).<br><br>Emission source 18 (RTO) will be added to control the emissions from #4 dryer, other than its outfeed seal section.<br></p><p>#2 re-dryer will be decommissioned and deleted from emission source 15.<br><br>In an emergency, the new #5 dryer will discharge to emission source 16 (veneer dryers emergency abort gates).</p></div>