Air Quality Notification of Permit Applications

​We ensure that all applicants for new air permits and amendments to permits adhere to the requirements of the Public Notification Regulation, B.C. Reg. 202/94. 

This regulation outlines:

  • minimum requirements for posting, publishing and other forms of notification
  • the duties of the applicant and the District Director
  • the rights of a concerned person who may be adversely affected by the granting of a permit
  • the discretionary authority of the District Director

List of permit applications in progress

The following is a list of applications for new permits or permit amendments that are considered final and for which we are still accepting comments.  For high-profile applications we are trialing an on-line process for providing information to and receiving comments from the public.




GP0|#f9a18382-8630-4e87-beb4-80bd48e8e399;L0|#0f9a18382-8630-4e87-beb4-80bd48e8e399|ALS Canada Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#f9a18382-8630-4e87-beb4-80bd48e8e399;L0|#0f9a18382-8630-4e87-beb4-80bd48e8e399|ALS Canada Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1057GP0|#5c705498-b241-45eb-a5f9-683b15290fa4;L0|#05c705498-b241-45eb-a5f9-683b15290fa4|North Vancouver District;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3Assaying and analytical testing services for mining and mineral explorationPermitNewApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClass85499DD94A404512AC16F67A364B67D6"><p>​The purpose of this application is to request authorization to discharge air contaminants from ALS Canada Ltd. a Laboratory Analysis facility located at 2103 Dollarton Hwy, North Vancouver, BC V7H 0A7.<br><br>ALS Canada Ltd. is required by Metro Vancouver to have an air emissions permit in place. The permit will authorize our discharge of air emissions from various sources including exhaust vents from sample prep lab, minerals lab, Fire Assay lab, and combustion emissions from natural gas boilers.<br><br>Building 1: Prep Lab – potential emission is particulate matter.<br>Building 2: Minerals Lab – potential emissions are Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid, Hydrofluoric Acid, Perchloric Acid and Sulphuric Acid.</p><p>Building 3: Fire Assay Lab – potential emission is lead.</p></div>
GP0|#2ba04028-a958-472b-ab80-ec107f32550d;L0|#02ba04028-a958-472b-ab80-ec107f32550d|Beachcomber Hot Tubs Group;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#2ba04028-a958-472b-ab80-ec107f32550d;L0|#02ba04028-a958-472b-ab80-ec107f32550d|Beachcomber Hot Tubs Group;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1105GP0|#3aaf5dc1-45ba-4cce-98d9-c4fc4448f597;L0|#03aaf5dc1-45ba-4cce-98d9-c4fc4448f597|Surrey;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3Hot tub manufacturing facilityPermitNewApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClass7A9452305D7F42CC91EC906F06A44FC7"><p>​The purpose of this application is to request authorization to discharge air contaminants from an existing hot tub manufacturing facility located at 13245 Comber Way, Surrey, BC V3W 5V8.<br><br>The discharge of air emissions will be from fiberglass resin use, solvent (acetone and isopropanol) use, isocyanate use, and primer and glue cement use.</p></div>
GP0|#c658d8d2-a8c4-4635-9b17-94c97aa0d8e3;L0|#0c658d8d2-a8c4-4635-9b17-94c97aa0d8e3|Bulldog Bag Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#c658d8d2-a8c4-4635-9b17-94c97aa0d8e3;L0|#0c658d8d2-a8c4-4635-9b17-94c97aa0d8e3|Bulldog Bag Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1092GP0|#3061c011-cc7e-47aa-8d5a-2d93795f2d7e;L0|#03061c011-cc7e-47aa-8d5a-2d93795f2d7e|Richmond;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3plastic bag manufacturing facility with printing pressPermitNewApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClassBA7CBAC131E94419B301F51491666372"> <font style="font-size:13px;"><p>The purpose of this application is to request authorization to discharge air contaminants froman existing plastic bag manufacturing facility with printing press located at 13631 Vulcan Way,Richmond, BC V6V 1K4. Bulldog Bag Ltd. has been operating at this location since 1996.</p></font></div>,
GP0|#0b26b540-2913-43f8-b772-68cd95601890;L0|#00b26b540-2913-43f8-b772-68cd95601890|Bureau Veritas Commodities Canada Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#0b26b540-2913-43f8-b772-68cd95601890;L0|#00b26b540-2913-43f8-b772-68cd95601890|Bureau Veritas Commodities Canada Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1075GP0|#944b8296-5db4-4771-bc5b-f66bf48cd3c5;L0|#0944b8296-5db4-4771-bc5b-f66bf48cd3c5|Vancouver;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3analytical laboratoryPermitNewApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClassB0608F625F8B487B803B80E444594875"> <font style="font-size:13px;"><p>The purpose of this application is to request authorization to discharge air contaminants from an analytical laboratory facility located at 9050 Shaughnessy St, Vancouver, BC V6P 6E5.</p> <p>Emissions at this facility are associated with several geochemical and acid digestion assaystations and soil and rock sample preparation. The facility uses fume hood systems togetherwith good operating practices for collection of fumes from the acid digestions and highefficiency scrubbers for elimination/removal of emissions. All other activities including rock andsoil sample preparation and fire assays discharge through high efficiency baghouses for dustcollection.</p></font></div>
GP0|#985ad211-7bd8-4cb5-a1aa-c4f330385831;L0|#0985ad211-7bd8-4cb5-a1aa-c4f330385831|CIPA Lumber Co Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#985ad211-7bd8-4cb5-a1aa-c4f330385831;L0|#0985ad211-7bd8-4cb5-a1aa-c4f330385831|CIPA Lumber Co Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA0051GP0|#31a206cb-92b0-4223-8305-c75b779a52a8;L0|#031a206cb-92b0-4223-8305-c75b779a52a8|Delta;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3a softwood veneer manufacturing and drying plantPermitAmendmentApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClassFEA773EE7C2C44A99D9A2303A2A2E6BB"><p>​The purpose of this application is to request authorization to discharge air contaminants from a new veneer dryer and regenerative thermal oxidizer at their manufacturing and drying plant located at 797 Carlisle Road, Delta, BC.<br></p><p>Discharge flow from the new #5 dryer will be controlled by the current Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) system. Because of the capacity of the WESP system, the discharge flow from #4 dryer will be controlled by a new Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) system, other than the discharge from #4 dryer outfeed seal section. <br><br>Current emission source 15 (WESP) will be modified based on the above changes (reduce total natural gas usage and discharge flow for the changeover).<br><br>Emission source 18 (RTO) will be added to control the emissions from #4 dryer, other than its outfeed seal section.<br></p><p>#2 re-dryer will be decommissioned and deleted from emission source 15.<br><br>In an emergency, the new #5 dryer will discharge to emission source 16 (veneer dryers emergency abort gates).</p></div>
GP0|#4acf8e12-ea3c-43c7-bb91-717acd4ecad1;L0|#04acf8e12-ea3c-43c7-bb91-717acd4ecad1|Coast Spas Manufacturing Inc;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#4acf8e12-ea3c-43c7-bb91-717acd4ecad1;L0|#04acf8e12-ea3c-43c7-bb91-717acd4ecad1|Coast Spas Manufacturing Inc;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1120GP0|#659202fc-2cd9-4cb0-86cc-0c062ff3bff5;L0|#0659202fc-2cd9-4cb0-86cc-0c062ff3bff5|Langley Township;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3a polyester resin and acrylic hot tub manufacturing facilityPermitNewApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClass908A5CE4A07D4447AF4749DABB7D4124"><p>The purpose of this application is to request authorization to discharge air contaminants from Coast Spas Manufacturing Inc. (CSMI), an existing hot tub manufacturing facility located at 6315 202 Street, Langley, BC V2Y 1N1.</p><p>CSMI operates a manufacturing facility that assembles hot tubs and spas using continuous cast acrylic sheet material to form a shell, using a vacuum forming process, to which a fiberglass reinforced polymer is added.</p></div>,
GP0|#02d51b84-e904-43ef-a6cb-f4c318958578;L0|#002d51b84-e904-43ef-a6cb-f4c318958578|Delta RNG Holdings, Inc;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#02d51b84-e904-43ef-a6cb-f4c318958578;L0|#002d51b84-e904-43ef-a6cb-f4c318958578|Delta RNG Holdings, Inc;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1181GP0|#31a206cb-92b0-4223-8305-c75b779a52a8;L0|#031a206cb-92b0-4223-8305-c75b779a52a8|Delta;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3Renewable natural gas (RNG) production facilityPermitNewApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClass3AAFCB687503480D85A608AE5259B0D9"><p>​The purpose of this application is to request authorization to discharge air contaminants from a renewable natural gas (RNG) production facility located at 4526 80th Street, Delta, BC, V4K 3N3.</p><p>A RNG production facility is where landfill gas is converted to RNG and then is sent to the city grid via a pipeline. In the RNG production process, the gas is cleaned using a seperation system and the tail gas from the process is combusted in a high temperature flare.</p></div>
GP0|#0f0f0686-b515-4346-9467-3ac6aacddc11;L0|#00f0f0686-b515-4346-9467-3ac6aacddc11|Fireplace Products International Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#0f0f0686-b515-4346-9467-3ac6aacddc11;L0|#00f0f0686-b515-4346-9467-3ac6aacddc11|Fireplace Products International Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1103GP0|#31a206cb-92b0-4223-8305-c75b779a52a8;L0|#031a206cb-92b0-4223-8305-c75b779a52a8|Delta;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3fireplace manufacturingPermitNewApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClassEDF9E3B3E1DC4D71A3C4A45DC4F13D29"> <font style="font-size:13px;"><p>The purpose of this application is to request authorization to discharge air contaminants from an existing fireplace manufacturing facility located at 6988 Venture Street, Delta, BC V4G 1H4.</p> <p>FPI manufactures residential fireplaces and woodstoves using materials such as steel, castiron, fire bricks, and glass wool. In addition to manufacturing, FPI conducts quality assurance testing by burning wood or natural gas in some of the finished products. Potential emission sources from FPI Delta facility include emissions from natural gas combustion sources, and facility process emissions from vents and stacks.</p></font></div>
GP0|#186802c1-7c18-4403-a570-669648afbfd9;L0|#0186802c1-7c18-4403-a570-669648afbfd9|Fraser Grain Terminal Ltd.;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#186802c1-7c18-4403-a570-669648afbfd9;L0|#0186802c1-7c18-4403-a570-669648afbfd9|Fraser Grain Terminal Ltd.;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1167GP0|#3aaf5dc1-45ba-4cce-98d9-c4fc4448f597;L0|#03aaf5dc1-45ba-4cce-98d9-c4fc4448f597|Surrey;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3Grain receiving and export facilityPermitNewApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClassB422240DA5B34B399DB9504CCF9C7814"><p>​The purpose of this application is to request authorization to discharge air contaminants from a grain receiving and export facility located at 11041 Elevator Road, Surrey, BC  V3V 2R8.</p><p>Fraser Grain Terminal Ltd. (FGT) is located on Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Industrial lands in Surrey, BC. The facility will receive bulk grain products including wheat, barely, oil seeds, pulses and other specialty grains by rail that will be transferred to storage silos with grain products being loaded in bulk to ship, container or truck. FGT’s ship loader and associated equipment will also be used to provide bulk vessel loading capability to DP World – FS Joint Venture operation for agricultural products being handled and loaded at the adjacent facility. This connection will replace the existing vessel loading infrastructure at that facility. All new bulk loading infrastructure for vessel, container and truck will employ best available technology to minimize dust emissions.<br></p></div>,
GP0|#8ffb8278-720c-4960-a97c-c27e04b1dd8b;L0|#08ffb8278-720c-4960-a97c-c27e04b1dd8b|Lafarge Canada Inc;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#8ffb8278-720c-4960-a97c-c27e04b1dd8b;L0|#08ffb8278-720c-4960-a97c-c27e04b1dd8b|Lafarge Canada Inc;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA0154GP0|#3061c011-cc7e-47aa-8d5a-2d93795f2d7e;L0|#03061c011-cc7e-47aa-8d5a-2d93795f2d7e|Richmond;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3cement manufacturingPermitAmendmentApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClassCA68A7FFF4C84A33B046F7B1F2E58F7E"> <p>Lafarge Canada Inc. has applied to amend permit GVA0154 issued December 10, 1992 and last amended June 20, 2019 to discharge air contaminants from a cement manufacturing facility located at 7611 No. 9 Road, Richmond, BC V6W 1H4.</p><p>Lafarge is currently working on a project to use dried biosolids as an alternate fuel, to reduce the use of fossil fuels in cement manufacturing and also reduce greenhouse gases.<br><br>The permit amendment requests the addition of two new dust collectors to filter exhaust from:<br>1.a storage silo for dried biosolids and<br> enclosed conveyor moving biosolids from the silo to the cement plant tower<br><br>Both dust collectors will be equipped with a Soldberg electrostatic activated carbon media filter for odour abatement. </p><font style="font-size:13px;"> </font></div>,
GP0|#3ba1ad3c-8382-4b10-886f-555a209f590f;L0|#03ba1ad3c-8382-4b10-886f-555a209f590f|Layfield Canada Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#3ba1ad3c-8382-4b10-886f-555a209f590f;L0|#03ba1ad3c-8382-4b10-886f-555a209f590f|Layfield Canada Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1070GP0|#3061c011-cc7e-47aa-8d5a-2d93795f2d7e;L0|#03061c011-cc7e-47aa-8d5a-2d93795f2d7e|Richmond;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3plastic film manufacturing and convertingPermitNewApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClassC2E20844914E423FAA197CDAE988D689"> <font style="font-size:13px;"><p>Layfield Canada Ltd. has applied to request authorization to discharge air contaminants from an existing plastic film manufacturing and converting facility located at 11120 Silversmith Place, Richmond BC V7A 5E4. Layfield has been at this current location for 30 years. </p> <p>Layfield Canada Ltd. is involved in the manufacturing of plastic for the food, medical, nutraceutical, flood protection, home construction, biodigester, and environmental containment industries. The purpose of this application is to request authorization to discharge air contaminants from 15 emission sources including: 3 printing press dryers, 2 smaller printers, 7 extrusion/printing line treaters, 1 parts washer for press, 1 ink storage room, and 1 hot oil boiler. </p></font></div>,
GP0|#872c7714-d360-4074-a740-0504e5edd059;L0|#0872c7714-d360-4074-a740-0504e5edd059|Polynova Industries Inc;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#872c7714-d360-4074-a740-0504e5edd059;L0|#0872c7714-d360-4074-a740-0504e5edd059|Polynova Industries Inc;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1069GP0|#3061c011-cc7e-47aa-8d5a-2d93795f2d7e;L0|#03061c011-cc7e-47aa-8d5a-2d93795f2d7e|Richmond;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3Plastic bag and food packaging manufacturing facilityPermitNewNotification Active<div class="ExternalClass64B07AA16A64482E89A93AA9AEF2C573"><p>​Polynova is involved in the manufacturing of plastic bags for food packaging and retail shopping. The purpose of this application is to request authorization to discharge air contaminants from 4 sources including: Printing Press Dryer (I) Exhaust (C-1), Printing Press Dryer (II) Exhaust (C-2), Roto Grevure Press Dryer (III) Exhaust (C-3), and the Film Extrusion Exhaust.<br></p></div>
GP0|#d77406aa-03d2-43c8-9fe4-d36c65ecbb7d;L0|#0d77406aa-03d2-43c8-9fe4-d36c65ecbb7d|Seabreeze Farm Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#d77406aa-03d2-43c8-9fe4-d36c65ecbb7d;L0|#0d77406aa-03d2-43c8-9fe4-d36c65ecbb7d|Seabreeze Farm Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1194GP0|#31a206cb-92b0-4223-8305-c75b779a52a8;L0|#031a206cb-92b0-4223-8305-c75b779a52a8|Delta;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3On-Farm Anaerobic Digester and Biogas Upgrade FacilityPermitAmendmentNotification Active<div class="ExternalClass19ED0E12B74F4CF0BA2B961701B3E75A"><span style="color:#444444;"><p>The purpose of this application is to request authorization to continue discharging air contaminants from an existing on-farm biogas plant located at 4790 112 Street, Delta, BC V4K 3N3. Seabreeze Farm is currently operating under permit GVA1067, which expires October 31, 2021.</p><p>Seabreeze Farm is requesting a new permit with term to October 31, 2041 and amendments to:</p><ul><span style="color:#444444;"><li>Decrease the existing total reduced sulphur compounds (as H2S) by 0.012 t/y</li><li>Decrease the existing total hydrocarbons (as CH4) by 24.32 t/y</li><li>Include authorization of sulfur dioxide, requesting 0.21 t/y</li><li>Include authorization of nitrogen oxide, requesting 0.63 t/y</li></span></ul><p>Seabreeze Farm is a dairy farm that milks approximately 350 cows. In 2014, Seabreeze Farm built a biogas plant to convert the farm’s manure and locally sourced mixed food waste into renewable natural gas and digestate.  The renewable natural gas is injected into the FortisBC gas pipeline as a renewable replacement for fossil fuel natural gas.</p></span></div>
GP0|#4fd609d1-05b1-41aa-b2b3-f95be0fbb2bb;L0|#04fd609d1-05b1-41aa-b2b3-f95be0fbb2bb|University of British Columbia;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#4fd609d1-05b1-41aa-b2b3-f95be0fbb2bb;L0|#04fd609d1-05b1-41aa-b2b3-f95be0fbb2bb|University of British Columbia;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1047GP0|#0063b366-3805-43bf-81ca-607e00a9e65f;L0|#00063b366-3805-43bf-81ca-607e00a9e65f|Electoral Area A;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3combined heating and power plant facilityPermitAmendmentApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClassD04FE513165344CD84B012BE41FB84F2"> <font style="font-size:13px;"><p>The purpose of this application is to request changes to the authorized discharge of air contaminants from UBC’s combined heating and power facility located at 2337 Lower Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4. UBC is currently operating under permit GVA1047.</p> <p>The facility uses renewable & conventional natural gas and clean wood waste (biomass) to generate electricity and thermal energy to heat campus buildings. The request is to remove biomass use from an internal combustion engine (ES03) and replace with natural gas/renewable natural gas mix for better operability and to remove a biomass dryer. In addition to the above, UBC is adding a new 12 MW biomass boiler to provide additional heat and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which they propose be regulated under MVRD Boiler and Heaters Regulation Bylaw No. 1087.</p> </font><p>While the requested emissions under permit GVA1047 decrease, the total proposed facility emissions increase when the 12 MW biomass boiler is included. The potential effects of theproposed emissions on ambient air quality were assessed using a dispersion model in accordance with an approved model plan. The results of this assessment can be found on this website:</p></div>,
GP0|#74b5a23a-f66e-4a72-a3bd-ae72910822e3;L0|#074b5a23a-f66e-4a72-a3bd-ae72910822e3|Vancouver Drydock Company Limited Partnership;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#74b5a23a-f66e-4a72-a3bd-ae72910822e3;L0|#074b5a23a-f66e-4a72-a3bd-ae72910822e3|Vancouver Drydock Company Limited Partnership;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1087GP0|#fd59b7d7-2f7d-471f-b458-37ee7d047c95;L0|#0fd59b7d7-2f7d-471f-b458-37ee7d047c95|North Vancouver City;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3a dry dock facility with the primary business of vessel conversion, repair, maintenance and dry docking servicesPermitNewApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClass443D7F2CE66E46D4A4A54F38CE0BE37F"><p>The purpose of this application is to request authorization to discharge air contaminants from a dry dock with the primary business of vessel conversion, repair, maintenance and dry docking services. </p><p>Emission sources include: Two floating dry docks with surface preparation and painting operations; one hut for surface preparation of small items; and one shed to crush used paint cans for recycling.</p></div>, Vancouver Drydock Air Permit
GP0|#d2e464d5-b6f0-4854-8935-f75339d5b2bf;L0|#0d2e464d5-b6f0-4854-8935-f75339d5b2bf|West Coast Reduction Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3|#d2e464d5-b6f0-4854-8935-f75339d5b2bf;L0|#0d2e464d5-b6f0-4854-8935-f75339d5b2bf|West Coast Reduction Ltd;GTSet|#7f4c7514-53d6-4014-b89c-b4df990b3ae3GVA1197GP0|#944b8296-5db4-4771-bc5b-f66bf48cd3c5;L0|#0944b8296-5db4-4771-bc5b-f66bf48cd3c5|Vancouver;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d3Rendering PlantPermitAmendmentApplication Under Review<div class="ExternalClass016E432F95354143BA1A8ABFA9CE8D2E"><p>The purpose of this application is to request authorization to continue discharging air contaminants from a rendering plant located at 105 North Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5L 4V7 operating under permit GVA0141, which expires on June 05, 2021, and request the following amendments:<br></p><ul><li>Change the permit term to June 05, 2036,</li><li>Correct the number of meal storage silos (emission source 12) identified,</li><li>Increase the authorized operating hours of odour control air scrubbers (emission sources 04, 07, and 08) and thermal oxidizers (emission sources 14 and 16) to allow for operation of the odour control systems during any facility operation, and</li><li>Increase the authorized operating hours of steam generating boilers (emission source 10) to meet demand for renewable energy feedstock from the refining process.</li></ul><div>The requested increase in operating hours results in a requested increased in total authorized emissions from 102 t/y to 126 t/y.<br></div></div>,