Metro Vancouver is proposing to update the annual wastewater treatment fees for fermentation operations. Information about this proposed update can be found here:
Fermentation Operations Proposed Treatment Fee Fact Sheet September 2019

Any feedback is requested by Friday October 4th, 2019.

Please send your feedback and any questions to Fermentation.Bylaw@metrovancouver.org

The Fermentation Operations Bylaw requires that administration and treatment fees be paid. Invoices for fees will be issued within the first 6 months of each year, beginning in 2016.

Administration Fees

Operators are required to pay an annual administration fee of $200 in order to cover the costs of regulating fermentation operations under this Bylaw.

Treatment Fees

All fermentation operations are required to pay an annual fee to cover the costs of treatment and conveyance of wastewater discharged to the sewer. These fees are based on annual production and are presented in the following table.

Production (hl) Annual Treatment Fees
0 – 1000$ 250
1001 – 2000$ 750
2001 – 3000$ 1250
3001 – 4000 $ 1750
4001 – 5000 $ 2250
5001 – 6000$ 2750
>6000$ 3500
All$ 100


If beer, cider or wine and spirits are produced at the same location then that operation is exempt from paying the $100 treatment fee for the spirits (but must pay the treatment fee for beer, cider or wine).

How to Pay Fees

Pay by cheque

To pay fees by cheque:

  • make cheques payable to the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District,
  • include the invoice remittance form with your cheque,
  • mail your cheque and remittance form to:
    4730 Kingsway,
    Burnaby, BC V5H 0C6
    Attention: Financial Services  

Pay by electronic funds transfer

Please call us at 604-432-6200 for information.

Pay by credit card

Fees must be less than $5,000. Call 604-432-6200 with your credit card information as well as the relevant invoice number.

Annual administration fees are payable either to Metro Vancouver or the City of Vancouver.  The organization that issues that invoice must be paid by the due date specified on the invoice.  Please contact the City of Vancouver for details on how to pay fees owing to them.

Annual treatment fees are payable to Metro Vancouver.


  • Fermentation Operation Regulatory Program:

    ​Metro Vancouver




  • City of Vancouver