Grouse Grind Opened May 8Grouse Grind Opened May 8<div class="ExternalClass44EBB9A452564A4D8D05432BDC6008D3"><p>​Every year to get ready for the Grind season, Metro Vancouver staff expend considerable effort preparing the trail.</p><p>With hundreds of thousands of hikes annually, the Grind takes quite a beating. Metro Vancouver staff focus on maintaining and improving the trail in areas that take the most severe pounding. From initial planning to moving the last rock step into place, this year’s maintenance work took close to three months. While this year the uncharacteristic lack of snow on the North Shore mountains helped facilitate the work, this advantage was offset by hikers who ignored the seasonal closure signs and hiked the trail regardless.</p><p>Much of the work undertaken by Metro Vancouver staff is in steep and confined areas. People hiking the Grind when it’s closed cause maintenance crews to stop working to protect those hikers from a range of hazards including dislodged and rolling rocks. This heavy work involves breaking and placing rock for steps, installing construction materials such as timbers using spikes and rebar, and constructing rock walls to further reduce erosion.</p><p>Now that the Grind is ready and open, we wish everyone a fun and safe hiking season.</p> </div>|#43c3f653-7096-4b77-bc83-97cb5d7ab958;L0|#043c3f653-7096-4b77-bc83-97cb5d7ab958|Issue 9;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass5926F79534564B4492ACD692D85D8A4D"><p>The Grouse Grind is a mecca for hundreds of thousands of people who want fresh mountain air while climbing their outdoor stairmaster, and on May 8 one of Metro Vancouver’s favourite hiking trails officially opened for the season.</p></div>