Air Management Facility and Public AmenityAir Management Facility and Public Amenity<div class="ExternalClass84D3EF86EBA2431A999B1A564EC5EC3D"><p>The Highbury Interceptor is one of Metro Vancouver’s largest sewers, carrying over 90 percent of sewage flows from Vancouver and parts of Burnaby to the <a href="/services/liquid-waste/treatment/treatment-plants-processes/iona-island/Pages/default.aspx" target="_blank">Iona Island Waste Water Treatment Plant</a>. In recent years, residents living near the facility have reported odour issues, prompting Metro Vancouver to seek a solution with construction of an air management facility that will also provide a valuable public amenity.</p><p> The Highbury Interceptor Air Management Facility is a six-million-dollar investment and will likely be the first of several such facilities in the region. It will remove and treat odorous air from the southern half of the Highbury Interceptor and will also reduce corrosion caused by sewer gas, prolonging the life of the sewer and reducing maintenance costs.</p><p> After consultation with the Vancouver Park Board, <a href="" target="_blank">Musqueam Park</a> was identified as the ideal location for the facility because of land and technical requirements, and because the project will add needed infrastructure to the park. Metro Vancouver will build washrooms into the facility, which will be maintained for public use by the City of Vancouver.  </p><p> Metro Vancouver worked closely with the Vancouver Park Board, the Musqueam Indian Band, and area residents to plan and design this air management facility. Specific actions from the public input include moving half of the above-ground portions of the facility underground to reduce visual impact and preserve green space, change in the architectural design, use of landscaping features so that the facility blends into the natural environment, and reducing night-time lighting.</p><p>Once the Vancouver Park Board approves the facility location and preliminary design, Metro Vancouver will work with Park Board staff, local residents, and members of the Musqueam Indian Band during the detailed design stage to minimize impacts from the facility on the local area. Project completion is scheduled for the end of of 2016.</p></div>|#08524215-2a3b-4829-9825-f56a6017495c;L0|#008524215-2a3b-4829-9825-f56a6017495c|Issue 5;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClassA9FDA4ADF9D645098036B4E1CF0C5D76"><p>When residents living near a Metro Vancouver sewage facility reported odour issues, our Liquid Waste Services staff found a solution with construction of an air management facility that will also provide a valuable public amenity.</p></div>