North Vancouver sewer relocated for interchangeNorth Vancouver sewer relocated for interchange<div class="ExternalClass3CBD11F6D31E43059D3A47EA455765CD"><p>​Construction and relocation of a section of the North Vancouver Lynn Branch sewer is expected to wrap up this spring.</p><p>The sewer line, which crosses the Upper Levels Highway, was built in 1963 to collect and carry sewage from areas west of Lynn Creek to the Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant. This part of the sewer is referred to as a “siphon” because it dips under the highway and connects to higher ground on either side. This siphon, which has two pipes of different sizes and is known as the Lynn Siphon, is being relocated to make way for a new interchange at Mountain Highway.</p><p>The siphon will also be improved in a number of ways:</p><ul><li><p>There will be three larger diameter pipes, which will reduce sewage overflows to Keith Creek and eliminate any risk of sewer backup to six residences on Mountain Highway just north of Highway 1, during long and heavy rainfall periods;</p></li><li><p>Meters will be installed to allow Metro Vancouver staff to measure and record flows;</p></li><li><p>Odour control units will be installed to reduce the smell of sewer gas in the area;</p></li><li><p>New automatic valves and a new access road will make the siphon much easier and safer for crews to operate and maintain.</p></li></ul><p>The siphon relocation is part of the Interchange project, with the work being done by a contractor working for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.</p><p>Construction on the siphon project started in June 2017 and is expected to be completed by April 2018.</p></div>|#986c7821-584a-4126-b0cd-7062c0597789;L0|#0986c7821-584a-4126-b0cd-7062c0597789|Issue 40;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClassB877436C1B6C4330B7D010D0AD72DB29"><p>Work is expected to wrap up this spring on the construction and relocation of a section of the North Vancouver Lynn Branch sewer.</p></div>0