Helping Businesses Go GreenHelping Businesses Go Green<div class="ExternalClassD432165F750045CF90EEB106EC888FCF"> <p>Metro Vancouver provides businesses with free energy advisor services and better access to efficient technologies and incentives. From April 2013 to March 2014, business energy assessments were delivered in 15 Metro Vancouver municipalities to 14 business sectors: food manufacturing, health/medical, hospitality, long-term care, manufacturing, office, recreation, restaurant, retail, school, service, small industrial, transport, and wholesale/distribution. </p> <p>Key findings from Metro Vancouver’s experience with the LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program include: </p><ul> <li>Collaboration with local government staff and endorsement from municipal councils was crucial.<br></li> <li>Working with industry associations, business improvement associations, utilities, and boards of trade ensured effective and efficient outreach.<br></li> <li>The LiveSmart BC Program encourages changes to electricity consumption resulting in substantial energy savings, however, greenhouse-gas emissions reductions were lower than expected.<br></li> <li>Future programs should be designed for longer than one year to allow businesses time for required renovations, to raise capital for investment, consider seasonality, staff changes, and equipment cycles. A longer program period would also allow for better tracking and provide better understanding of the program’s true performance.</li></ul> <p> </p> <p>Based on this program and previous pilot projects, Metro Vancouver is designing a new business program to focus on blending services like providing training in tracking greenhouse-gas emissions and energy use. The new program will aim to recruit businesses with the greatest potential for greenhouse-gas emissions reductions and to build longer-term relationships with them.</p></div>|#235a6d6c-f602-454f-bc90-1d7ca0adff96;L0|#0235a6d6c-f602-454f-bc90-1d7ca0adff96|Issue 4;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClassEBC71C8EB22D410A82058159BC477AB2"> <p>With funding from the LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program, Metro Vancouver helped 300 small businesses improve their energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs in one year. It is estimated that these actions will save 890,000 kWh, which is enough electricity for about 890 homes for one year, and to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 12.5 tonnes.</p></div>