Two Major Water Main Projects Near CompletionTwo Major Water Main Projects Near Completion<div class="ExternalClass71D9130C66104D8593DBE1839DA028B5"> <p><strong>Maple Ridge Water Main </strong><br>Construction of the <a href="/services/water/projects-initiatives/construction-projects/maple-ridge-main" target="_blank">Maple Ridge water main</a> running along 128<sup>th</sup> Ave. between 210<sup>th</sup> and 224<sup>th</sup> Streets is nearing completion.</p> <p>The 7.7-kilometre-long water main is expected to be complete in January 2015. Construction includes installation of approximately three kilometres of 900-mm-diameter steel pipe and two large line valve chambers to regulate the flow of water. Once construction is finished, work required to bring the system into operation will take place through spring 2015. </p> <p>This new water main will connect to the new <a href="/services/water/projects-initiatives/construction-projects/barnston-maple-ridge-pump-station" target="_blank">Barnston-Maple Ridge Pump Station</a>, which is under construction and expected to be complete by summer 2015, and the existing water distribution system to help meet the growing demand for water in Maple Ridge.</p> <p><strong>Angus Drive Water Main </strong><br>Construction of the <a href="/services/water/projects-initiatives/construction-projects/angus-drive-main" target="_blank">Angus Drive water main</a>, which will provide additional water supply for the growing populations in Vancouver, Richmond and Delta, is approximately 80 percent complete. </p> <p>Two of four major underground chambers have been installed and construction on S.W. Marine Drive will take place this month.<strong> </strong>Work will continue in the new year and project completion is scheduled for spring 2015.</p> <p>When complete, the Angus Drive water main will extend four kilometres from W. 33<sup>rd</sup> to W. 75<sup>th</sup>  Avenues, crossing many existing utilities and service connections on Vancouver’s west side using 1.5-metre-(60-inch) diameter steel pipe. </p> <p>The water main and chambers are being installed at depths of up to five metres, and water meters will be installed to measure water being supplied from Metro Vancouver’s transmission main to City of Vancouver distribution mains.  The new water supply system also requires installation of pressure-reducing facilities for flow control, which will be located at W. 58<sup>th</sup> Ave. and Angus Drive and another at W. 75<sup>th</sup> Ave.</p></div>|#235a6d6c-f602-454f-bc90-1d7ca0adff96;L0|#0235a6d6c-f602-454f-bc90-1d7ca0adff96|Issue 4;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClassDC22106D5B854978825B08704D80F362"> <p>Two significant Metro Vancouver water main projects are near completion: the Angus Drive water main in Vancouver and the Maple Ridge water main. The Maple Ridge main is expected to be completed in January 2015 and the Angus Drive main in the spring.</p></div>