Heritage Barn Protected Heritage Barn Protected <div class="ExternalClassFE1891DD042040FA9B9D6AE7FC000930"> <p>The preservation of this more than 100-year-old agricultural building is important for Surrey and Metro Vancouver so that our past remains an integral part of the present and future. Partnerships such as those with the Heritage Legacy Fund enable us to retain vital historical buildings.</p> <p>The original Gerow Barn was built circa 1905 and symbolizes the agricultural heritage of these earliest areas of Surrey. The barn is a rare combination of pole-cut wooden structural elements and pegged mortise and tenon heavy timber joinery. It is located on a high point near the park boundary, making it a prominent historical landmark for park visitors and for motorists travelling on 96<sup style="top:-3px;font-size:90%;vertical-align:top;position:relative;">th</sup> Avenue or 176<sup style="top:-3px;font-size:90%;vertical-align:top;position:relative;">th</sup> Street.</p> <p>Before starting the stabilization work, the newer parts of the barn will be removed so that the original structure can be retained. Future plans, pending additional funding, include adding interpretive elements and landscaping reflective of the historic locale to enhance the visitor experience. </p> <p>For the past five years, more than 385,000 people visited Tynehead Regional Park annually. Visitors will be able to view the restored barn during <a href="/services/parks/parks-greenways-reserves/" target="_blank">regular park hours</a>. The stabilization project started in October and is expected to be complete by the end of the year.</p></div>http://www.metrovancouver.org/metroupdate/PublishingImages/GerowBarn.jpg2014-11-01T07:00:00ZGP0|#2fa185f6-6c4a-4b0c-8689-5bb359637cd2;L0|#02fa185f6-6c4a-4b0c-8689-5bb359637cd2|Issue 3;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClassE371133181E9458C8FF0BCE219222A70"> <p>The heritage Gerow Barn, located in Metro Vancouver’s <a href="/services/parks/parks-greenways-reserves/tynehead-regional-park" target="_blank">Tynehead Regional Park</a>, will be protected thanks to a grant from the provincial Heritage Legacy Fund. The Gerow Barn is the only agricultural outbuilding on the City of Surrey’s heritage register in the Anniedale and Tynehead communities, two of the area’s earliest settlements.</p> <p>The $10,000 grant will be used on a stabilization project to protect the barn. Stabilization work includes repairing some of the foundation, removing rotting wood, and closing gaps in the walls with a mesh screen through which visitors will be able to see the inside of the barn. </p></div>