Air quality information in our Regional ParksAir quality information in our Regional Parks<div class="ExternalClassE5041D6CCC2F4D56B070F9CACC89EBEB"><p>Next time you visit Sapperton Landing in New Westminster, and soon Deas Island in Delta, find out how regional parks and greenways help keep our air clean and healthy. New interpretive signs highlight scenic features visible from these two locations when the skies are clear and unaffected by air pollutants, and explain why views occasionally look hazy or washed out.</p><p>Metro Vancouver is working with federal, provincial and local agencies to develop strategies to improve visual air quality. This initiative has improved our understanding of the significant role fine particulate matter plays in degrading visual air quality in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Action is being taken by Metro Vancouver and our partners to reduce emissions from sources such as diesel engines and wood smoke. The signs share other tips that anybody could put into practice to help protect air quality and our spectacular views.</p><p>Visit our website for more information on <a href="" target="_blank"> <font color="#1b84c9">visual air quality</font></a> or <a href="/services/parks/parks-greenways-reserves/Pages/default.aspx" target="_blank"> <font color="#1b84c9">exploring our regional parks</font></a>.</p></div>|#59156931-d501-4376-b60c-94cddcdcafc8;L0|#059156931-d501-4376-b60c-94cddcdcafc8|Issue 28;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClassC7C49459E16C43AC991B672C4FD9E5FD"><p>‚ÄčRegional parks provide an opportunity to connect with nature, and protect special ecosystems across the region. They also help keep our air clean and healthy. </p></div>0