Bridge replacement for North Shore trail networkBridge replacement for North Shore trail network<div class="ExternalClass4C88954A1E964D7C91072A5041E39160"><p>​</p><p>Over the past two years, Metro Vancouver has regularly provided information on the December 2014 natural rock slide in the Seymour River Canyon. The slide occurred within the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR) and impacted public trails and fisheries, and resulted in the removal of the Twin Bridge which provided pedestrian access for recreation and vehicle access for water utility maintenance. Find updates in both the <a href="/metroupdate/issue-14/193/seymour-river-rock-fall,-trails-and-salmon" target="_blank"> <font color="#1b84c9">October 2015</font></a> and <a href="/metroupdate/issue-24/340/seymour-river-rock-slide-update" target="_blank"> <font color="#1b84c9">September 2016</font></a> editions of this newsletter. </p><p>Now, after discussions with technical advisors, and feedback and suggestions from our local community and trail users, Metro Vancouver is moving forward with replacing the original river crossing with two bridges. </p><p>A pedestrian bridge will be constructed at the original location of the Twin Bridge. It will be a rigid suspension bridge and will be 2 metres (m) wide and 75 m long. A second bridge, for both pedestrian recreational access and water utility maintenance vehicles, will be built at the north end of Riverside Drive. This one will be 4 m wide and 30 m long. This solution will maintain public recreation opportunities in the LSCR, and also provide access for water utility operations.</p><p>Construction on both bridges is expected to begin in 2017, and further information will be provided to the public as the project proceeds.</p></div>|#59156931-d501-4376-b60c-94cddcdcafc8;L0|#059156931-d501-4376-b60c-94cddcdcafc8|Issue 28;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass1AE8DC6F92214461897BDA92D0FB1382"><p>​Metro Vancouver is moving forward on construction of a new pedestrian crossing for the Seymour River. This will reconnect popular trails on the North Shore that were affected when the original Twin Bridge crossing was damaged in a natural flood.</p> </div>0Location of the replacement bridges in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve