Canadian Innovation Project of the Year AwardCanadian Innovation Project of the Year Award<div class="ExternalClass8CE47DC30AF3438FB2C5945190B90323"><p>​Metro Vancouver’s Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel Project has received the Canadian Innovation Project of the Year Award from the Tunnelling Association of Canada. The Award recognizes projects in Canada that demonstrate the highest level of engineering skill and understanding of underground construction.</p><p>The Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel is a critical link in Metro Vancouver’s regional water supply network, carrying drinking water from the Coquitlam Reservoir to communities south of the Fraser River. The nearly complete project consists of two 60-m-deep shafts and a 1-km-long, 3.5-m-diameter tunnel under the river. The Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel more than doubles the capacity of the existing water main and is designed to withstand river scour and a major earthquake. It is the first of several bored tunnel water crossings planned for the region, and the insights gained will greatly benefit these subsequent projects, as well as others throughout Canada and abroad.</p><p>From the design stage through to tunnel construction, the project was recognised as being on the leading edge of modern tunnelling. The soil conditions 30 metres below the Fraser River bed posed significant challenges, and the groundwater pressures were the highest ever observed in Canadian soft-ground tunnelling. This award recognizes the project team’s ability to use innovative techniques in overcoming these significant challenges to ensure the continued delivery of clean, safe drinking water to the region.</p><p>The Award was presented to the project team at the annual Tunnelling Association of Canada Conference in Ottawa on October 17. Congratulations to Metro Vancouver’s Water Services department, and to all who contributed to this achievement.</p><p>A video providing more detail on the tunnelling process can be viewed <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</p></div>|#3f3e419f-0fa5-4790-ac10-a80ab0188ba4;L0|#03f3e419f-0fa5-4790-ac10-a80ab0188ba4|Issue 25;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass3AE55FD65CFC4006A448FF2CFBBC0ABD"><p>​Another celebration, this time for Metro Vancouver's Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel Project, the <em>Canadian Innovation Project of the Year</em>  from the Tunnelling Association of Canada. A recognized example of world class infrastructure serving our region every day. </p></div>0Inside the Port Mann tunnel. In addition to the project winning the Canadian Innovation Project of the Year Award, this photo also picked up the Tunnelling Association of Canada’s – Photo of the Year.