Zero Waste Conference Nov 3 – register now!Zero Waste Conference Nov 3 – register now!<div class="ExternalClass1D9388EF005248679EE288E4D2317DFE"><p>Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Conference is November 3 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. </p><p> <strong>Opening Keynote speaker, Architect and Designer, <a href="" target="_blank"> Neri Oxman</a></strong> will bring the future to life. Oxman's work encourages us to visualize a regenerative economy, and offers inspiration for how products could be redesigned without waste. Her ground-breaking work in 'material ecology' – is offering a brand new way to approach the design and manufacture of everything from housing to haute couture, with zero waste as a guiding principle. </p><p>As Head of Innovation and Sustainability for the Delta Development Group, <strong>Closing Keynote, Owen Zachariasse</strong> will speak about the implementation of Cradle-to-Cradle and circular economy into the award winning Park 20I20 project and its ground-breaking neighboring development referred to as “the Valley”. In 2016 the Netherlands jumped into the international spotlight with plans to become a national circular economy hotspot, and the Delta Development Group has been there from the start as a foundational partner and business leader. </p><p>Hear from a new generation of makers and consumers who reject the throwaway mindset, and find value in an age-old approach to reducing waste, while creating new opportunities for innovation, economic activity, social connections and self-reliance. An expert panel will examine the immense impacts of the global problem of food waste, seeking answers here at home for Canadians and ways to address the challenges it presents. How can the circular economy tackle waste within our built environment? That's a tough question; Metro Vancouver has enlisted some heavy-hitters with a variety of viewpoints – to offer their perspective on the policies and practices needed to diminish the impact our buildings have on our environment.</p><p>Throughout the conference we'll be offering a perspective focused on creating solutions, finding opportunities, and sharing the fruits of innovation and knowledge. The day promises to be both innovative and inspiring, leading us to new ways of thinking and doing business. To register and for a full list of topics and speakers visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p></div>|#3f3e419f-0fa5-4790-ac10-a80ab0188ba4;L0|#03f3e419f-0fa5-4790-ac10-a80ab0188ba4|Issue 25;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClassF7FD3F017AD84CBE92F9C97AA4E9F558"><p>​Metro Vancouver's Zero Waste Conference is November 3 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It's a unique opportunity to meet international leaders in the global push to reduce our waste. Registration is open. </p></div>0