Gilbert Trunk Sewer updateGilbert Trunk Sewer update<div class="ExternalClassD6D51ABAB47D4DD5AEC7291BC59725AF"><p>A major sewer construction project is underway in Richmond that will see approximately 10 km of sewer pipe installed along Gilbert Road. The Gilbert Road Trunk Sewer No. 1 is a regional sewer that collects all the sewage produced in the City of Richmond and conveys it south to the Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant.</p><p>Video inspections revealed a heavy build-up of grease and dirt inside Gilbert Road Trunk Sewer No. 1 as well as corrosion in most sections of the pipe. In order to protect the environment and meet the long-term sewer capacity needs in the City of Richmond, Metro Vancouver is twinning the existing sewer with Gilbert Road Trunk Sewer No. 2. The parallel sewer will also provide seismic resiliency.</p><p>The first 3.5 kilometres are substantially complete and extend from Garden City Road and Bridgeport Road to Hollybridge Way and River Road. The old sewer in this area was decommissioned by filling it with grout in order to protect the adjacent dyke.</p><p>The remaining work – extending the sewer 6.5 km south to the Lulu Island Wastewater Treatment Plant – is currently in design, with construction starting in 2017. </p><p>Metro Vancouver is working closely with the City of Richmond to minimize traffic impacts, and provide clear information to local communities once construction begins, including the assignment of a Community Liaison Officer. </p><p>On a related note, you will also see in this newsletter an initiative to reduce grease going into the sewer system from homes and businesses, with a pilot project starting in Richmond soon. The campaign launches on October 3rd and reminds everyone to put grease in their green bin, not down the drain.</p></div>|#e2b01bb7-c847-4927-b23d-b35b5af84a41;L0|#0e2b01bb7-c847-4927-b23d-b35b5af84a41|Issue 24;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass0F0617693D3A4CEFA27CEBB9689DC0B1"><p>​If you live in, or travel through Richmond, find out about the current project to install about 10 kilometers of sewer main along Gilbert Road to protect the environment and provide long-term, secure sewage collection. </p></div>0