2016 Zero Waste Conference November 32016 Zero Waste Conference November 3<div class="ExternalClass3F124DF10758436CA6FD88C9794787CC"><p>The 2016 Zero Waste Conference takes place November 3, 2016, in Vancouver. A national conference with satellite events taking place in other cities across Canada, Metro Vancouver's Zero Waste Conference is an annual event attracting an audience of 700. This is the sixth annual conference that has involved speakers of global importance from government, business, academic and the non-governmental sectors who are working on the frontier of waste prevention, circular economy, material reuse and recovery as well as behaviour change. </p><p>This years' conference will focus on innovation - Innovation in Policy and Innovation in Practice. Key themes include waste prevention as applied to food and the built environment, product and material innovation design, and the circular economy. The conference is intended to demonstrate how innovation and waste prevention together can drive a regenerative, circular economy with benefits for communities, businesses and the environment; and will provide opportunities to "visualize" ideas and solutions to make them actionable and will showcase some of the best ideas and thought leadership from across the globe and Canada.</p><a href="http://www.zwc.ca/" target="_blank">Registration is now open.</a></div>http://www.metrovancouver.org/metroupdate/PublishingImages/Issue24-zwc.jpg2016-09-27T07:00:00ZGP0|#e2b01bb7-c847-4927-b23d-b35b5af84a41;L0|#0e2b01bb7-c847-4927-b23d-b35b5af84a41|Issue 24;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass54A83239D04241B688016908ABE0CBD1"><p>​Registration is open for the 6th annual Zero Waste Conference in Vancouver. Key themes this year include food and the built environment, product and material innovation design, and the circular economy.</p></div>0