Input to Provincial Climate Leadership Plan Input to Provincial Climate Leadership Plan <div class="ExternalClassF98D8E45D9A0460CB51852F80929B084"><p>In the spring of 2015, the Provincial Government initiated a process to develop a new climate action plan called the <a href="" target="_blank">Climate Leadership Plan</a>, and provided opportunities for public and stakeholder input. </p><p>Metro Vancouver has provided feedback to the consultation process. At the heart of Metro Vancouver's <a href="" target="_blank">recommendations</a> are five foundational policies:</p><ol><li>Widespread adoption of low/zero carbon vehicles;</li><li>Transition to net-zero-carbon new buildings and near net zero carbon existing buildings;</li><li>Support for local government actions to reduce and shorten vehicular trips and increase trips by walking, cycling, and transit; and</li><li>Carbon pricing to create a market signal to stimulate adoption of low carbon technologies and practices.</li><li>Tools and resources that can assist local governments to adapt to climate change that is already locked in.</li></ol><p>These five policies were further supported by <a href="" target="_blank">detailed policy recommendations</a> including continued incentives for electric vehicles, energy benchmarking for buildings, and further investment in walkable, transit oriented communities. Metro Vancouver's policy recommendations align closely with the feedback that the Province received from public and the <a href="" target="_blank">32 recommendations</a> of the Climate Leadership Team, an expert advisory group set up by the Province.</p><p>In addition to the policy recommendations Metro Vancouver has recommended that Province allow an opportunity for the public and experts to review a draft Climate Leadership Plan before it is finalized to help ensure that the policies can meet its goals and targets. </p></div>|#980b6cf5-dbc2-4d05-ba15-0478f9c594c9;L0|#0980b6cf5-dbc2-4d05-ba15-0478f9c594c9|Issue 20;GTSet|#d14ffe11-45dc-48fb-8684-ff109cf15a74<div class="ExternalClass3C4B5571636E40BDA3C2704BA65F3121"><p>​Metro Vancouver continues to participate in the Province’s Climate Leadership Plan. Find the most recent input here. </p></div>0